Apple’s most sought after devices by collectors

THE apple is one of the biggest technology companies today, as its history is very old and its social impact is huge. The company was founded in 1976 and, since then, many of its devices have been successful.

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Macintosh 128K

This is Apple’s first Mac, which was released in 1984. The device became famous for its marketing campaign, which was a commercial directed by Ridley Scott, which showed Apple fighting a world dominated by computers.

The device has a 9-inch monitor, with a monochrome screen of 512 x 342 pixels of resolution, with a Motorola processor with 128 KB of memory.

At the time, it was released for $2,495.

iPod first generation

This was released in 2001 and was a real revolution in music listening. It had 5GB or 10GB of memory, depending on the model, plus a battery that lasted around 10 hours. Today, on eBay, there is a sealed unit of it to sell for US$ 23 thousand, which is equivalent to R$ 119 thousand.

Apple Vintage Wristwatch

This was a freebie created in 1995, it was an ordinary watch without any smart features. The model followed the System 7.5, which cost US$ 134.99 at the time.

This is a very rare item, as buyers could opt for a Conflict Catcher 3 as well, a problem-solving facilitator, so it’s unclear how many people opted for the watch.

One such piece sold for $2,500 in 2015 at auction.

Apple Lisa

Despite being a commercial failure, it was an innovation for the time. Released in 1983, the Apple Lisa featured a graphical interface. Its price at launch was US$ 9,995 and, precisely because it did not sell many copies, it is now considered a rare item.

At an auction, such a device was sold for US$ 50,000, which today is equivalent to around R$ 300,000.

Apple II

This is responsible for making Apple a consolidated brand in the market. It was also the first home computer. It was released in 1977 and had a 1023 MHz processor and up to 64 KB of memory.

The Apple ll was priced at $1,298 and tends to be advertised at a very high price. His manual alone, autographed by Steve Jobs, sold for R$4.2 million at auction.

Apple I

This is perhaps the most desired item by Apple collectors, as it is the brand’s first computer. It is made almost by hand, with pieces made of wood. This model is available in museums, in addition to a copy that was sold in 2021 for the equivalent of BRL 2.7 million.

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