Carol Castro snubs soap opera after leaving Globo

High in streaming and on the big screen, Carol Castro celebrated the phase she is going through in her career and said that the invitations to TV still come, but she is managing to choose the projects she is currently dedicated to. “I have polls for soap operas, but I’m very happy to be able to do more films. I started in the theater at age 9, made my first feature at 16, went to television and stayed for a long time”he said, in an interview with Quem.

“Now I’m more mature and I can also choose my characters better, and some very interesting ones have appeared”, she celebrated.

One of the first artists to walk through the red carpet of the 21st Brazilian Cinema Grand Prix, held in Rio de Janeiro this Wednesday (10), the brunette said that, despite her professional achievements, she lost six kilos in the last eight months due to problems with her personal life.

“I don’t know what it’s like to join a gym since November. It’s only with food, I even had anemia recently, maybe that’s why I’m thin. It wasn’t thinness sought, but because of health situations and things in life. also had a car accident. It’s ok, but it was a scare”, he revealed.

Carol’s last soap opera was Orfãos da Terra (2019), but in recent years she has starred in series, such as Insânia (2021), from Star+, and Maldives (2022), from Netflix, and participated in four films, two of which are short films. : The Zeal of Death and Green or Treads on My Foot.

Carol Castro comments on her career outside Globo: “1st time I could choose”

Carol Castro posing for a photo seated and in blue clothes, like Kat from Maldives

In June, in an interview with OnScreen during the Maldives premiere, Carol Castro celebrated the fact of debuting a second work on streaming in six months. “I spent almost 20 years at Globo, it was 17 years. For me, as an actress, this is very interesting because it was the first time I could choose which path to take, what to do”, she pointed out.

“I’m very happy. Despite all the difficulties, I know it’s a gift to be able to work under these conditions. A lot of people didn’t have a job. that I love, that I chose since I was little ‘. My father is also an actor, so I never had that side of ‘ah, I’m going to be an actress to be famous’. Never. I always had a lot of honor and a lot of respect for the craft. I’m still fighting and ‘vambora'”, said she, who is the daughter of Lucca de Castro.

The conditions Carol refers to are those imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. In March 2020, when it all started in Brazil, there were only five days left to finish the recordings of Insânia, a series released in December last year on Star+, in which she plays Paula, a police officer who is admitted to a mysterious psychiatric clinic after a tragedy.

“I was experiencing all that since January [de 2020], I did a very intense preparation, not only with the cast coach, but with experience. I went to five real-crime sites, I saw three dying bodies, I went to the IML the next day, I visited a psychiatric clinic, it was really intense preparation. And ending up missing five nights was very tense. I thought it wasn’t going to happen, that I was going to be left out… I can say I hit rock bottom, you know? Worrying,” she recalled.

Carol continued talking about the production. “Then we returned to Uruguay, which was a slightly safer country, so to speak, to work. That was in August or September 2020. As soon as we finished Insânia, which is a job I’m very proud of and I put the shirt on, I went blonde to the Maldives, and went somewhere else, with a character who is a patricinha, a mother of a family who lives by appearance, in the condominium pool… It was very different from everything I was living since the beginning of the year. And that, as an actress and as a challenge, was wonderful.”

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