check out the cell phones that have come to accept the new technology

Check out which models already support the use of 5G technology.

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The 5G connection is already a reality practically everywhere in the world, and in Brazil it is no different. However, many people still have doubts about how this technology works and which cell phones support its use. Does your device already allow the use of 5G technology? So, to clear all your doubts about the topic, keep reading this article!

Check out the cell phones that now accept 5G

So, without much ado, let’s explain which are the latest cell phones that will accept 5G technology from now on, they are:

  • Samsung A336M/DSNSamsung F936B/DS;
  • Samsung F721B;
  • Xiaomi 22041219NY.

In addition, in addition to the Samsung and Xiaomi models, Motorola also has 14 older devices that are compatible with 5G technology. Apple has 9 old devices that support 5G, and Xiaomi has 9.

In the case of Samsung, the brand already had 28 other compatible devices, while brands such as Lenovo, Asustek, Positivo, TCL, Realme and HMD Global also present a device with support for the new 5G connection. Today, some types of tablets also support the technology, including models from Apple and Samsung.

Finally, in addition to cell phones, the connection to 5G technology also affects several other products, such as smartwatches; tablets; computers and notebooks; sound system; Digital TV; between others. In Brazil, the 5G connection has already been launched for the city of Brasília. However, it will soon spread to other cities.

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