Deputy wants to keep payments of R$ 600 in Aid in 2023

Find out if Auxílio Brasil will maintain payments of R$ 600 in 2023 and what are the expectations for the next year

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Federal deputy Christino Áureo (PL-RJ) filed a new PEC that provides for the maintenance of the Auxílio Brasil value of R$ 600 for the year 2023. Currently, the PEC of Benefits provides that this increase of R$ 200 in the value of the program will continue until December this year.

Furthermore, it is important to point out that the presentation of the PEC does not automatically guarantee the maintenance of the increase for 2023. This is because, according to official information, it is necessary to approve the text in two rounds, both in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Federal Senate.


Therefore, for the PEC to begin processing, the deputy needs to collect signatures from parliamentarians and 171 deputies to start the process. Therefore, for these reasons, it is likely that the procedures will start only from 2023.

But, despite this, the current president said in interviews that he intends to keep the amount of R$ 600 for next year, if he is reelected. However, Bolsonaro made it clear that the decision on the subject also depends on the approval of the National Congress.

What do politicians say about the increase?

First, in an interview with the Valor Econômico portal, the author of the PEC anticipated possible criticism and claimed that presenting the document now has nothing to do with the October elections.

This is because the other politicians from different ideological currents were divided in relation to the increase in the value of the social benefit previously proposed in the PEC of Benefits. Despite the measure having received significant support from the opposition, the text of the PEC continues to receive parliamentary criticism from the left.

Thus, these politicians claim that the current president had exclusively electoral intentions in making this decision. On the other hand, members of the Federal Government denied any electoral interest in this regard.

Furthermore, in recent interviews, allies of President Jair Bolsonaro claimed that the increase was based on the effects of the conflict in Europe.

Will Auxílio Brasil continue at R$600 in 2023?

First, the current president stated in interviews that he is interested in maintaining the amount of R$ 600 for next year. In addition, former President Lula (PT), who leads the voting intentions in the polls, stated that he will keep the amount of R$600 if elected.

In this way, members of the National Treasury stated that the decision regarding the maintenance of the benefit will be made by the president who is elected in October this year.

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