Eduardo accuses America of not helping him with tumor treatment; club denies

Right-back Eduardo, from Sport, in a press conference while talking about tumor treatment at
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Right-back Eduardo, from Sport, in a press conference while talking about tumor treatment at the time of America

In an interview after Sport’s 4-1 defeat to Ituano, this Tuesday (9), right-back Eduardo made strong statements against the services he received in America. The defender accused the Minas Gerais club of not having helped him in the treatment of a bone tumor in the region of the left tibia.

“It’s a very special day for me. After a year, I started playing again. Beating my second tumor was not easy. Neither for me, nor for my family. My wife, my two children, were very supportive at that time. The club I was (America) did not give me any support. I paid for my surgery, I ran after the doctors. Me and my manager”, said Eduardo, moved.

“I think my story will motivate a lot of people. To go against everything the doctors said, that I wouldn’t play football anymore. I wouldn’t give my children that joy to see me playing. But I got over it. who were involved in the process. There were two cancers, and winning both was not easy for me. I am alive, with my whole leg and ready to help Sport”

After the declaration, Eduardo hugged midfielder Roberto Heuchayer, from Ituano, and burst into tears. Moved by the athlete, Odinei Ribeiro, who broadcast the match, was moved: “the image of the game. The sound of the game”, said the narrator after seeing the right-back in tears.

America’s response

After the repercussion of the declaration of

(i) During the entire treatment, the athlete was monitored by the Club’s Medical Department, including during the surgical procedure, during which time he continued to receive full remuneration, without any prejudice;

(ii) After recovery, the athlete returned to normal activities together with the group and had his contract terminated on July 31, receiving the severance pay in full;

(iii) Amrica Futebol Clube has always treated its athletes with the utmost respect, offering all necessary support and not admitting unfounded statements;

(iv) If the athlete maintains the given version of the facts, the Club will take the appropriate legal measures to preserve his image”published.

Passage through America

Since recovering from the bone tumor in the left tibia region, in February of this year, Eduardo has not played for America, due to a technical choice. The defender only trained with the rest of the athletes at CT Lanna Drumond. In total, there were 11 months without acting.

The last game for Coelho was against his new club, Sport. On July 9, 2021, he played for 45 minutes, at Independencia, for the 12th round of the Brazilian. In an exclusive interview with supersportsEduardo said that, at the right moment, he would reveal matters about his departure from the Minas Gerais club.

“I wanted to stay here, but not everyone’s wish, to be honest. Life goes on. There are people who don’t trust. Unfortunately, in football, we have to live with that. Not everyone will trust, for other reasons than right time, I will speak,” he said in June.

Eduardo was hired by America in April last year. After 11 matches for Coelho, the player had to leave the pitch to take care of the tumor. In his place, the Minas Gerais club brought in the right-back Patric, the current holder of the position.

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