Employs Brazil shows why Auxílio Caminhoneiro was not paid – 08/10/2022 – Mercado

Self-employed truck drivers who did not receive the two installments of R$ 1,000 of aid this Tuesday (9) can consult the Portal Emprega Brasil, from the MTP (Ministry of Labor and Social Security), to find out why the benefit was not paid. You must use the gov.br account login.

According to the government, the consultation is also available in the Carteira de Trabalho Digital app on smartphones with Android system. To verify, it is recommended that the user update the app. The option is not yet available for iOS devices.

According to the ministry, truck drivers who did not receive the benefit on August 9 should pay attention to the reason for rejection.

In some cases, even those in an “active” situation and with all ANTT registrations up to date, may not be eligible for the benefit if they are receiving assistance benefits (such as BPC/Loas for the disabled person), disability benefit, disability benefit , reclusion allowance or if they are eligible for Taxi Driver Assistance.

If the benefit was denied due to an irregularity in the CPF, the truck driver must seek the Federal Revenue to regularize his situation.

In cases of rejection due to “pending” or “suspended” registration at ANTT (National Land Transport Agency), professionals should seek the agency to regularize the registration.

According to the MTP, the truck driver who is regularly registered with the ANTT within the deadlines established by the government, but has not registered a cargo transport operation this year, will need to make a Self-Declaration of the TAC Registration Term.

The self-declaration must be completed in Emprega Brasil or in the Carteira de Trabalho Digital app between August 15th and 29th.

For those who settle in this period, the payment of the first and second installments, referring to the months of July and August, is scheduled for September 6th.

Self-employed truck drivers with pending issues that are not settled within the deadline will not be entitled to the first two installments and retroactive amounts will not be paid.

​On the Emprega Brasil website and on the Digital Work Card application, it is also possible to check the value of the installments paid for the 190,861 professionals who received the money in the first stage of release.


  1. Truck driver whose CPF is pending regularization at the Federal Revenue Service, in a suspended, cancelled, null situation, or of a deceased holder;
  2. Truck driver whose CPF is linked to the granting of a pension for death of any nature or the reclusion allowance;
  3. Truck driver who holds a benefit for permanent incapacity to work (disability);
  4. Truck driver who has a suspended CNH (National Driver’s License);
  5. The benefit is not cumulative with the Taxi Driver Benefit and will be paid only one per CPF, even if the beneficiary has more than one registered vehicle.

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