Fernanda Paes Leme reveals a fight with Boninho: “Blocked on Twitter”

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The presenter and actress Fernanda Paes Leme revealed, on Tuesday, 9, that she is fighting with director Boninho and was even blocked by him on Twitter. Past disagreement was revealed during the podcast Who Can, Pod!presented together with Giovanna Ewbank, who received Rafa Kalimann.

The fight reportedly took place backstage on the show. Super star. Then, she was called to participate in the edition of the Big Brother Brazil 2020, but declined. The invitation came well after the unease between the two.

“Interestingly, I was even called to the BBB 20. The Lu Rabelo [diretor] called me and my answer to him was: ‘Rárárá’. I said: ‘Lu, I’m a fan of the show, I can’t get in’. And it was pretty crazy. I was a little tempted for a reason, which… Me and Boninho, we’re a bit quarreling, right?”, she said.

She then revealed that she was blocked on Twitter by Boninho and asked Kalimann to speak with the director to unblock her. “Since you’re his friend,” she took advantage of it.

The presenter stated that she loved working with Boninho and that she would like to resume their friendship. According to her, the professional relationship between the two worked well.

“I don’t know if it’s because I was a speaker of BBB and he really blocks people who talk a lot about the subject, or if it was for something there at the time of the Super star, which I did and there was a feeling of unease, a disagreement between us. And it turned out that we didn’t work together anymore. (…) But, Boninho, talk to me again there. Let’s get back to our sincere friendship.”

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