Find out how Flora will discover that Donatela is alive and that she was tricked into a false death: “I came back”

Donatela and Flora in The Favorite
Donatela and Flora confuse the audience of A Favorita (Photo: Reproduction)

In The favoriteshown by Globo on Worth seeing again, Donatela (Claudia Raia) escaped from jail thanks to an explosion in the prison. She was presumed dead and took advantage of this situation to assume a new identity. Meanwhile, she will gather evidence to show that she is innocent. During this period, Donatela will come to torment the life of Flora (Patrícia Pillar) and will appear as a ghost to make her reveal all her crimes.

At a certain moment, Silvierinha (Ary Fontoura) and Flora will go out to dinner. The shrew will see Donatela alone at a table and will immediately notice the resemblance to her old rival. At this point, Donatela will leave the restaurant and let Flora chase after her. She will be lured to an abandoned theater where they once played a show. There, the blonde will look for her rival and hear her voice and, to her amazement, will see her image reflected in a mirror. It will be the first meeting between the two after the arrest.

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“Now you are not alone anymore! I am here. I’m back, Flora”says Donatela. “What do you want with me? Do you want to haunt me? You want to make me crazy?”Flora will question when looking in the mirror. “Do you know why you’re seeing me? This is your fault, Flora! Blame all the harm you’ve done to me”the woman will speak.

Donatela will say that she is there to help her free herself from guilt and that the best thing she can do is confess her crimes and ask for forgiveness in order to have peace. Devastated, Flora gets on her knees and asks her former friend for forgiveness. But the plan will end up going wrong precisely because of the emotion that the woman will show.

Before admitting the murders she has committed, the villain will feel a drop of water fall on her ex-partner’s face, forcing her to clean it. Flora will realize that Donatela is alive. With no option, Donatela, tense, will hide, but will end up being found by Flora, who will be thrilled to see that her rival did not die.

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