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Datena reveals supernatural experience, tells details and surprises with information

José Luiz Datena told a bizarre story to Cátia Fonseca
© Playback/Instagram/@datenarealJosé Luiz Datena told a bizarre story to Cátia Fonseca

José Luiz Datena chose to share macabre history in open TV during an interview with presenter Cátia Fonseca. The journalist took advantage of the window between the “best of the afternoon” it’s the “Brazil Urgent” this Wednesday (10) to reveal an unusual detail on the door of his residence. It all started when the communicator received a visit from an architect.

In the conversation, he made it very clear that he doesn’t like having visitors at home and that’s when the conversation unfolded. “”It was a architect at home and said ‘Here we could make a room to receive. I said ‘My brother, I’m not a spiritist and I don’t receive anyone here at home!’”, he joked. “No one comes to my house here! Even though I’m a fan of Chico Xavier”, declared.

Then Cátia herself took the opportunity to take a wave with the anchor. “At least not that you see, right? It can be a spirit of good,” she pointed out. “It opened, but after a while, I think the guy left, the person who was there, because he didn’t open anymore! You’d hear her open it up straight ‘ahhhh,’” she said.

“But do you know what could have happened? He followed his life on the other side.” And he replied jokingly: “I don’t know. I was never introduced either.” Datena declared that he had reached the level he was getting used to with the ghost under your roof. “I don’t like to talk to living people, imagine dead people! I have nothing to ask whoever’s on the other side… Maybe the guy says ‘Let’s finish the conversation up here or down here, I don’t know. God forbid and keep it,” he replied.

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