Gabriel Cartolano, from SBT, assumes with whom he has a relationship

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Gabriel Cartolano used social media to declare his passion

Journalist Gabriel Cartolano, known for having been on SBT’s ‘Vem pra ca’, ‘Fofocalizando’ and ‘Triturando’, shared a photo on social media that surprised fans.

On a beautiful paradise beach, Gabriel Cartolano shared two moments with Marina Greeb, a lawyer with more than 24 thousand followers on Instagram.

The photo in particular was to register the love they share between them, with more than 22 thousand likes on the photo, Gabriel Cartolano put it in the caption: “Photo to celebrate your 27th! Happy to be part of your life. You deserve the world!”.

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Gabriel Cartolano next to his girlfriend (Reproduction: Instagram)


Gabriel Cartolano was accused of dating Marina Greeb out of interest, by an ex-colleague of the journalist.

Roger Turchetti revealed that his then-co-worker’s confession took place during a chat in the SBT cafeteria. “I was having lunch with him once. [Gabriel Cartolano], and then he decided to ask me if my marriage was a facade. Then I said ‘are you crazy? I am with my wife because I love her’”.

Next, Roger Tirchetti said that he got a flea behind his ear with Gabriel Cartolano’s question, and decided to delve deeper. “Then I said ‘Why are you asking me this question?’ Then he said ‘Because I’m only with Marina because of her money’”he revealed, throwing the controversy on the fan.

Sought by news channels, Gabriel Cartolano did not comment on the controversy involving his relationship with lawyer Marina Greeb, but revealed that he has already dealt with the controversy directly with the former SBT reporter.

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