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Giliard, son of Deolane, trolled his mother this Wednesday (10)

Giliard, son of Deolane, pranked his mother on Wednesday night (10)
© Reproduction/Instagram/@deolaneb_Giliard, son of Deolane, pranked his mother on Wednesday night (10)

Deolane Bezerra is one of the commanders of the Brazilian internet and all the statements made by the lawyer became a meme in the social networks. This Wednesday (10), the blonde made a stir in the Instagram after falling for a prank made by his son, Giliard Santos. It turns out that the young man told his mother that he had a tattoo.

In the drawing, Giliard writes his mother’s name, but the tribute did not fall to the businesswoman’s taste. “Yeah, guys, I went to make fun of my mom saying that she got a tattoo with her ugly name and look what she said… she won’t even let me do it tattoo”, said the boy.

In the videos released, Deolane even threatens her son, but it is obvious that the aggressions did not happen. “If you got a tattoo with that letter from a prison noia, I’m going to smash your face”, she began. completed Deolane Bezerra.

strong pains

It is worth mentioning that last night (9), Deolane felt severe pain and had to receive hospital care. “Guys, I had a very strong pain in my belly. In my belly and back. I had to go to hospital It’s because I’m about to go for it. Because as long as I can stay at home holding, or taking a dipyrone, I stay. But it was really strong,” she said.

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