Justice grants house arrest to Bolsonarista who killed PT

The preventive detention of criminal police officer Jorge José da Rocha Guaranho was converted by the Justice of Paraná into house arrest with the help of monitoring by electronic anklet for up to 90 days. The equipment was installed around 21:45. This afternoon, he was released from the Ministro Costa Cavalcanti hospital in Foz do Iguaçu (PR).

After leaving the hospital bed, he would be transferred to the Criminal Medical Complex in Pinhais, in the metropolitan region of the capital Curitiba, where the politicians detained by Operation Lava Jato were held. But the measure was revoked after the prison unit reported not being able to receive the detainee due to his “serious clinical condition”.

The criminal police officer was charged with aggravated homicide for the murder of municipal guard Marcelo Arruda, who was shot dead while celebrating his 50th birthday with a PT themed party on the night of July 9 in Foz.

Judge criticized delay of the Penal Complex. In a decision signed this afternoon, Judge Gustavo Germano Francisco Arguello, from the 3rd Criminal Court of Foz do Iguaçu, criticized the prison unit’s delay in reporting that it was unable to receive Guaranho.

“As if the absurd situation of verifying the total technical incapacity of the State to comply with the court order that decreed the preventive detention of the defendant were not enough, there is the unbelievable failure to communicate his inability in a timely manner”, quotes the magistrate, in one of the excerpts. of the decision.

Why couldn’t Guaranho stay in prison? In a report, the prison unit reported that Guaranho depends on physical therapy, nutritional and neurological monitoring for his recovery. “Incompatible with the structural conditions presented by this Criminal Medical Complex”, he informed.

The Justice of Paraná granted house arrest, “until it is possible to relocate the defendant to a suitable establishment”. Guaranho will only be able to leave his home in case of need for medical attention and should not leave the city without prior judicial authorization.

Would Guaranho risk death in prison? For prosecutor Luis Marcelo Mafra Bernardes da Silva, from the Public Ministry of Paraná, despite the fact that the state of Guaranho is serious, “there is, as DEPEN/PR wants to believe, no risk to the applicant’s life”. The prosecutor also alleges that the prison does not have the necessary services for the recovery of the policeman and that there is an “absolute neglect” on the part of the State of Paraná.

After the decision, the victim’s legal representatives expressed themselves through a note. “We understand that it is an absurd decision, since it is public and well-known that the State is able to provide medical treatment to prisoners, especially in the Criminal Medical Complex”, criticize the lawyers in a joint note.

Disappointment of the victim’s family. In a note, Leonardo Miranda de Arruda, son of the murdered PT, expressed his disappointment with the justice system.

“The government is not prepared to receive a ‘prisoner’ in a Penitentiary Medical Clinic for not being able to offer enough structure. After committing such barbarism and ending the life of a family man, the murderer will stay at home, enjoying the day of parents with their child, ‘recovering'”, he lamented.

Assaults after Bolsonarista kill. After being hit by six shots, Guaranho took more than 20 kicks to the head in just under six minutes, as revealed by the UOL, who had access to security camera footage at the crime scene. The attacks are part of a parallel investigation by the Civil Police of Paraná, which is investigating the impact of the injuries suffered by Guaranho as a result of the beating carried out by three men.

Guaranho was released from the hospital’s ICU (Intensive Care Unit) three weeks ago to recover from injuries.

With fragments of a firearm projectile lodged in his head, the criminal police officer was shot in the mouth, arms, left leg and grazed the neck, according to information given to the UOL by his legal representatives. The criminal police officer also suffered a fractured jaw.

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