Moraes and Lewandowski deliver invitation to Bolsonaro

Ministers Alexandre de Moraes and Ricardo Lewandowski left the STF (Federal Supreme Court) this Wednesday (10) at night to the Planalto Palace to deliver to President Jair Bolsonaro the invitation for both to take office in the TSE (Superior Court). Electoral), on the 16th. Moraes will preside over the Court and Lewandowski will be the vice president.

Allies of the president try to convince the president to go to the ceremony, but Bolsonaro has told close interlocutors that he will not go and his campaign team is already preparing an agenda in Juiz de Fora (MG) for the same day as the Electoral Court inauguration, as found out the columnist of UOL Carla Araujo.

At the ceremony at the TSE, a speech by Moraes is scheduled, who should criticize the attacks made on the Brazilian electoral system. Bolsonaro is investigated in an investigation by the STF for this practice. As the president is not entitled to speak at the event, the fear is that he will appear weakened.

Bolsonaro and Moraes are the protagonists of public friction. The president criticized the minister in speeches and has already asked the Senate to impeach him. Moraes is the rapporteur of investigations in the STF that directly target the president. Lewandowski is also often criticized by Bolsonaro, for judicial decisions taken in the opposite direction to the interests of the government.

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