Nubank has a new Black card for customers; see how to order

O Nubank has a much-requested card modality. It’s about the card Ultraviolet, which brings together several functions necessary for the day to day of the digital bank customer. The tool has the Mastercard Black flag.

Among the many benefits offered by the card, one of the most beloved is cashback. When the citizen makes a purchase using the Ultraviolet card, he receives back 1% of the total amount spent on the transaction. In this way, the amount is transferred to the user’s account at up to 200% of the CDI, without a limited period.

Advantages of Nubank’s Ultraviolet card

As already mentioned, the Ultraviolet card of the Nubank It has several super advantageous functions for fintech customers. So, check out the main advantages of the tool below:

  • Cashback drops instantly, does not expire and grows automatically at 200% of CDI per year;
  • It has free travel insurance;
  • Allows free access to the VIP lounge at Guarulhos International Airport;
  • It has an exclusive metal design without a number, for greater customer safety;
  • Monthly fee of R$49, which is free every time the card is spent at least R$5,000 per month, or R$150,000 is invested between Nubank and Nu Invest.

Nubank Ultravioleta cashback yield

Card users Nubank Ultraviolet can track cashback cash earnings in a simple way, through the financial institution’s application. The procedure is very quick, just follow the steps below:

  • Access the Nubank application;
  • On the home screen, tap “My Ultraviolet”. It’s under the credit card section;
  • Once this is done, go to the option “Growing at 200% of the CDI”;
  • Then, it will be possible to view the cashback history of every month, with details of received, redemptions and growth by time;
  • It will also be possible to check the accumulated total cashback income, since the first purchase made with Ultravioleta.

How to increase your Nubank card limit in up to BRL 5 thousand

O Nubank, one of the digital banks in Latin America, offers several advantageous tools to customers. The credit card is one of the most sought after products, as it has no annual fee and also has a feature that allows you to build a limit.

The new tool reserves part or all of the user’s digital account balance to be used as a credit limit. In this way, if the user needs BRL 500 To make a purchase, just deposit this amount and reserve as credit on the card.

Thus, when the transaction is carried out, the amount is unavailable for use, until the credit card bill is paid. After payment, the customer will have the balance back, being able to choose between leaving it as a limit, leaving it in the account or withdrawing.

According to Nubankyou can use a balance of up to BRL 5 thousand in the function of building limit on the credit card. In addition, the user can make national and international purchases, both in person and over the internet.

However, it is important to note that if the user fails to pay the invoice by the due date, the bank can debit the amount to guarantee payment. In addition, there are extra charges, such as fines, interest and IOF.

How to use the function?

  1. access the application Nubank;
  2. Enter the credit cards menu;
  3. Click on the “Adjust limit” option;
  4. Once this is done, tap on “Reserve as limit” and enter the desired amount.

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