PGE files suit against Bolsonaro for criticizing polls in meeting with ambassadors

In the process, PGE asks that videos of the president’s speech be deleted from social networks and that the representative be fined

Jim Watson / AFPSitting, Jair Bolsonaro speaks in front of the flags of Brazil and the United States
Bolsonaro met with more than 40 ambassadors from different countries and criticized electronic voting machines

An action against the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) was filed in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE)this Wednesday, 10th, by the Electoral Attorney General (PGE). The demonstration, the first made by the agency against the head of the Executive Branch, accuses him of anticipating propaganda during a meeting with more than 40 ambassadors from different countries, which took place last month, in Alvorada Palace. On the occasion, the president criticized the Brazilian electoral system. In the process, PGE asks that videos of the president’s speech be deleted from social media and that Bolsonaro be fined for criticizing electronic voting machines. In addition, the lawsuit points out that the president spread false news about the electoral system. “The passages transcribed at the beginning of this petition are part of a set of assertions that make up the purpose of digital that will be used in the upcoming elections and that has been adopted since 1996”, wrote the Deputy Electoral Attorney General, Paulo Gustavo Gonet Branco. He also comments that freedom of expression cannot be used against established facts. “The argumentative burden rises exponentially, not admitting light speeches, when what is said is capable, by itself, of discrediting a nuclear institution for democratic existence, as is the electoral system”, he concluded.

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