São Paulo performances: Felipe Alves takes a penalty, and Patrick decides classification in Ceará | Sao Paulo

Felipe Alves: defended Ceará’s first penalty in the penalty shootout and was lucky in two other wrong kicks by the Ceará team. Note: 6.5

Patrick: entered at the end, just to take a penalty, and was responsible for the decisive charge that gave São Paulo classification for the semifinals of the South American. Note: 6.5


Post-match live: all about the classification of São Paulo

Post-match live: all about the classification of São Paulo

Igor Vinicius: the right-back was São Paulo’s best on the field this Wednesday. Igor Vinicius created the best move of the team in the first half, when Galoppo finished wrong, and scored at the beginning of the second half. In the penalty shootout, he kicked his charge into the crossbar. Note: 6.5

Wellington: the left-back entered the second half and missed the cut of Ceará’s second goal, giving the ball for free at Guilherme Castilho’s feet. The midfielder took advantage of the freedom at the entrance of the area and hit hard to break the tie. Grade: 4.0

Igor Gomes: the midfielder played another bad game with the São Paulo shirt this season. Igor Gomes didn’t build much, missed a few passes and practically didn’t reach the edge of the area to try a dangerous move. Note: 4.5

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São Paulo posed against Ceará — Photo: Lucas Emanuel/AGIF

Check player ratings Sao Paulo:

  • Felipe Alves [GOL]: 6.5
  • Diego Costa [ZAG]: 6.0
  • Miranda [ZAG]: 5.0
  • leo [ZAG]: 4.5
  • Igor Vinicius [ALD]: 6.5
  • Pablo Maia [VOL]: 5.5
    (Gabriel Neves [VOL]): 5.5
  • Igor Gomes [MEI]: 4.5
  • galoppo [MEI]: 5.0
    (Rodrigo Nestor [MEI]): 4.5
  • Reinaldo [ALE]: 5.5
    (Wellington [ALE]): 4.0
    (Patrick [MEI]): 6.5
  • Nikon [ATA]: 5.0
    (Lucian [ATA]): 5.0
  • Calleri [ATA]: 5.0

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