Sleeping sickness depicted in ‘Sandman’ was inspired by a real epidemic; over a million people have been diagnosed


“Sandman” Is Already One of Netflix’s Top Hits in 2022

Illness portrayed in the series happened in real life
© Reproduction/Instagram/@thesandmanofficialIllness portrayed in the series happened in real life

the fans of “Sandman” can sleep carefree, as the adaptation of the Netflix managed to exceed expectations and became one of the most watched productions on the streaming platform. the adventures of Dream conquered even those who had never had contact with the comic strips of Neil Gaiman and few people know that the writer was inspired by some facts to consolidate the work.

In the plot, the lord of dream is kidnapped and is confined for more than 100 years. As a consequence, humanity faces a terrible “sleeping sickness” that causes people to be unable to wake up. It turns out that this endemic really happened during 1915 and 1926 and affected nearly a million people in Europe and North America.

Known as encephalitis lethargic, experts believe that half of those infected had symptoms such as lethargy, uncontrollable drowsiness and tremors. In 1973, the story inspired author Oliver Sacks to investigate the health condition in bookawakenings” and after a few years, the work gained a film adaptation called “Awakenings” from 1990.

To this day, scientists have not yet found the origin of the disease, but the only certainty they have is that cases began to decline in 1927 for no apparent reason. To this day, some cases of encephalitis lethargica still appear and doctors believe that the decrease in diagnoses is due to the dormancy of the virus.

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