“The money is hers…”; Eliezer loses patience and bosses the can after ‘accusation’ that he would be supported by Viih Tube


Eliezer Netto retorted an internet user who accused him of being supported by his girlfriend, the former BBB and influencer Viih Tube

Eliezer answers questions sent to Viih Tube
© Playback / Instagram @viihtubeEliezer answers questions sent to Viih Tube

Former BBB Eliezer Netto decided to accept a joke proposed by his girlfriend, the also ex-BBB Viih Tube: she left her cell phone in his hand, and made him answer questions sent by her followers through Stories on Instagram. However, in one of them he didn’t seem to take much sport.

An internet user asked the influencer: “Why do you play Eliezer”. Without hiding his irritation, Eliezer proceeded to answer the person: “Because the money is hers. The money isn’t yours, it’s hers. So she plays whoever she wants. She plays me,” she said, in a slightly above tone. Viih Tube even tried to soften it: “They’ll think it’s true”, she said, laughing.

“Didn’t they ask the question? I’m giving the answer. Every question people ask. Why bankroll Eliezer? I have 32 years in the face,” he replied. Viih Tube then asked if he was angry about the question. “No, it’s because it’s not possible, people think I was hungry before Big Brother. I had a life before BBB. I have a company. I have a family, I have a job, I have a job, I have everything,” she explained.

Eliezer explains hair and beard transplant

Eliezer, was once again a topic on social media. Recently, the ex-confined man had an aesthetic procedure on his face and, because of that, he didn’t take a picture with a fan, who revolted on social networks, alleging an alleged star-studded show by the famous.

During this morning, Wednesday (10), Eliezer used his Instagram stories to counter criticism who has been suffering after having a hair implant on his face, so he could have a beard, in addition to commenting on the episode with the fan. “Many people talking… My desire to have a beard transplant comes long before Big Brother. In Big Brother I always made clear my desire to have a beard. I had 12 hairs on my face”, he reported.

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