Tici poses with Rafaella Justus and talks about treatment to get pregnant

Ticiane Pinheiro shows click by Rafaella Justus and talks about treatment to get pregnant

the presenter Ticiane Pinheiromother of Rafaella Justus, surprised fans by talking openly for the first time about treatment to get pregnant. The famous is the mother of two beautiful girls. In addition to Rafinha, the artist is the proud mother of the youngest Manuella, who recently turned three. The little girl is the result of her current marriage with the journalist César Tralli.

The eldest was born from her former relationship with the businessman Roberto Justus, to whom she was married. The ex-couple maintains a good relationship all in the name of raising the heiress. Including, Rafaella Justus took advantage of the July vacation and left for the United States.

The little girl enjoyed a few days of rest with her father’s family in Miami, Florida, where Justus has a luxurious apartment. During the vacation period, Rafa turned 13 years old and celebrated the special date alongside his famous dad, stepmother and little sister Vicky, who is only two years old.

Tici like the doting mother that she is… she did that and celebrated her daughter’s birthday, even far away! She appeared on social media making a video call with the heiress. The presenter also ensured that a beautiful surprise was delivered to Rafinha, right on her birthday.

With the return of classes, the girl returned from her trip. On Tuesday night (09), Tici appeared next to her daughter and her parents, in a shopping mall located in the south of São Paulo. Between one conversation and another, Rafaella Justus posed smiling next to her grandmother – the eternal Girl from Ipanema, the businesswoman Helô Pinheiro.

In an interview for the podcast “Pod Delas”, Ticiane spoke openly about the treatment she and her current husband, Tralli, tried to do to get pregnant. In the very relaxed chat, the presenter of “Hoje em Dia”, shown in the mornings of Record TV, revealed that she and her husband would like to have another child.

In fact, the two decided to wait until their youngest daughter was one year old so they could try again. After that period, Tici explained that the two sought out a doctor. But, she ended up getting lost in the middle of the procedures she needed to do. Therefore, the couple ended up giving up the idea of ​​having another heir.

Ticiane Pinheiro shows Rafaella Justus in a mall and talks in an interview about having another child

Youtube playback Ticiane Pinheiro shows Rafaella Justus in a mall and talks about treatment to get pregnant

Tici shows Rafaella Justus next to her grandparents on a walk in the mall

Instagram reproduction Rafaella Justus appears on a walk in the mall with Tici and her grandmother Helô Pinheiro

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