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Guaranho is accused of the double qualified murder of PT. The policeman was released from the hospital on Wednesday and was taken to the State Penitentiary of Foz 2. The order for him to go home, with an electronic anklet, has already been issued.

Read the note released by Leonardo:

“Through this note, I express my total disappointment with the justice system, the authorities involved and the Government of the State of Paraná. “imprisoned” in a Penitentiary Medical Clinic for not being able to offer enough structure and through the responsible judge allowing house arrest. After committing such barbarism and ending the life of a family man, the murderer will stay at home, enjoying parents with their son, “recovering”. What about me? And we, Marcelo’s children? We continue in search of Peace and Justice, by Marcelo Arruda!”.

Marcelo Arruda was shot dead at his own birthday party by the federal criminal police. After being shot, the PT retaliated and also shot Guaranho. The Bolsonarista was hospitalized for a month and left the hospital this Wednesday.

Judge Gustavo Germano Francisco Arguello answered the request of the policeman’s defense in face of the necessary medical care for Guaranho. The magistrate highlighted in the decision also having considered the lack of structure pointed out by the penal system to house the prisoner.

Initially, Arguello determined that, when he was discharged from the hospital, Guaranho would be transferred to the Criminal Medical Complex (CMP), in Pinhais, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba. However, the penitentiary reported this Wednesday that it did not have the structure to receive the prisoner.

Faced with the response that prisons or the CMP are not in a position to provide the necessary medical care to the prisoner, the judge ordered house arrest, “without disregarding the proof of the existence of the crime and sufficient evidence of authorship, and even the seriousness of the alleged offense for which the applicant is being prosecuted”.

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PT Marcelo Arruda (left) was killed by Jorge Guaranho (right), Bolsonaro supporter – Photo: Reproduction

Bolsonarista lost his memory, says lawyer

Guaranho has not yet been heard in the process. Prosecutors are waiting for him to be released to hear the officer’s version of the case.

However, the defense of the criminal police officer claims that he lost his memory because of aggression received shortly after shooting Arruda. According to lawyer Luciano Santoro, Guaranho does not remember anything that happened on the night of the crime.

The lawyer says that Guaranho took 24 kicks to the face and others to the chest and the shot leg, in a total of five minutes and 35 seconds of aggression. According to Santoro, these other images are in the process, but have not been made public.

The assaults on the police are investigated in another investigation. The authors have already been identified and heard.

One of the men even jumps on top of Guaranho. See in the video below:

Images show that Guaranho was assaulted after being shot

Images show that Guaranho was assaulted after being shot

The infographic below shows the order of events on the day of the crime:

Understand the order of events on the day of the murder of the PT member who was shot at a birthday party, according to the police — Photo: Arte/g1

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