Truckers do not receive Aid and government changes registration deadline

Installments paid by Auxílio Caminhoneiro refer to July and August and are worth R$ 2000
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Installments paid by Auxílio Caminhoneiro refer to July and August and are worth R$ 2000

Several self-employed truck drivers registered with ANTT (National Road Cargo Transport Agency) did not receive the aid this Tuesday (9), as announced by the Federal Government. Of more than 870 thousand registered professionals, only 21% of the total registered were qualified to receive the two installments of R$ 1,000 – approximately 190 thousand workers.

According to Dataprev, the company responsible for processing aid data, the driver would need to have the RNTR-C (National Registry of Road Cargo Transporters) in force on May 31, have an active registration and have a record of road freight transport on July 27 this year. Having an irregular CPF or CNH may also have been an impediment by the system to the distribution of the benefit.

The MTP (Ministry of Labor and Welfare) commented, saying that the workers who received the two installments for July and August with a total of R$ 2000 had all their registration data regularized and the transport operations were registered with ANTT in this year.

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How to settle?

The date for the self-declaration has been changed: truck drivers who have an active registration in the RNTR-C without registration of transport operation this year will have between the 15th and 29th of August to make the self-declaration in the no.
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or on the Application
Digital Work Portfolio .

Once settled, the payment of the first and second installments of Auxílio Caminhoneiro will be deposited on September 6th. If not regularized in time, the worker will not be entitled to the first three installments of the aid.

The amount will be available for withdrawal for 90 days. After the period, the money will be returned to the federal accounts if it has not been moved by the worker.

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