4 reasons that make delivery villainous (even when ordering rice and beans)

Friday is coming and a lot of people are already thinking about ordering a pizza today, a hamburger tomorrow, a japa on Sunday… Delivery is really handy when we don’t have the time or mood to cook, but it’s not one of the best options for health and weight loss. Here are 4 reasons why ordering food is often a bad habit.

1. Less nutritious and more meal caloric Even if you order a grilled chicken with rice, beans and salad, in professional kitchens, these foods are usually prepared with a lot of fat, salt and ready-made seasonings, to guarantee more flavor to the dish. This makes the meal more caloric and less healthy.

2. Temptation to go off the diet The numerous offers of snacks, pizzas and other fast food on the apps can make you give up ordering a salad and opt for something unhealthy. Occasionally, no problem. But frequent consumption of fast food harms health and weight control.

3. Very large portions Combos at attractive prices usually encourage the consumption of food in greater quantity. Those who have compulsion, for example, may end up eating all the fries, not to have any leftovers. Even “rice and beans” dishes tend to have much larger portions than what you usually serve yourself at home.

4. Cook less at home Of course, delivery takes you away from the stove. In addition to being healthier to prepare food on the spot, cooking connects us with food, allows us to discover new flavors, try recipes. This brings us closer to healthy foods and makes their consumption pleasurable.

Menu with healthy snacks

With planning, that is, having the ingredients at home to prepare something quick when you don’t have time to cook or want to eat something different, even snacks become a healthy meal. When making the hamburger at home, you don’t use oil on the grill, fancies in the salad and use healthier ingredients – such as homemade meat disc instead of industrialized.

In Menus for Emagrecer, UOL subscribers receive five exclusive menus every Saturday, with hamburgers, chicken pie and several other healthy snacks, in addition to a shopping list with everything they will need to prepare the week’s meals. Thus, they can plan and not stick to the diet. To receive free food tips like this one, sign up for VivaBem’s newsletter.

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