“Aid of R$ 600 in 2023 is a commitment”, says Minister

The Federal Government has not yet confirmed whether it will maintain the value of Auxílio Brasil at around R$ 600 in 2023, but the Minister of Citizenship, Ronaldo Vieira Bento, said he has a “commitment” to the proposal. The statement was given during an interview for the program A Voz do Brasil, this week.

In recent days, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has been insisting on the idea that he will keep the amount of R$600 of Auxílio Brasil in 2023, if he is re-elected this year. However, there is still no document that makes the measure official. What is valid now is the rule of the Benefits PEC, which provides for an increase in the balance only until the end of this year, 2022.

Minister defends aid

Minister Vieira Bento said that one way or another, the program will not end. “Auxílio Brasil does not end, it starts from there. Auxílio Brasil is a permanent income transfer program, in fact, it is the largest income transfer program in the country’s history”, he said, still in the interview with the program A Voz do Brasil.

“In addition to being the largest program in terms of amounts that we are injecting into this population, to overcome poverty, our payroll reaches R$ 12 billion a month, in the state of Minas Gerais alone there are more than 1.5 million families that are assisted by Auxílio Brasil. So, it’s a permanent program, it’s good to make that very clear”, he continued.

“Concurrently, we brought other tools that provide precisely the change in the concept of the income transfer program. Leaving pure welfare for a program that aims at the promotion, the ascension, the social emancipation of these families”, he added, without guaranteeing how the program would maintain the value of R$ 600 in 2023.

Project published

This week, President Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign team published its government plan for the next four years at the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). Among other points, the document mentions Auxílio Brasil on some occasions.

The text points out that the Federal Government intends to maintain the value of R$ 600 in 2023, and not just until the end of this year. In a way, the president intends to use the proposal to respond to opposition criticism on the subject.

Also this week, Bolsonaro sanctioned the text of the budget for the year 2023. Contrary to his government proposal, in this new document, he predicts that Auxílio Brasil would return to the amount of R$ 400.

Aid follows

With maintenance of the value or not, the fact is that the August payments of Auxílio Brasil follow normally. This Friday (12), for example, it is the turn of citizens who have the final Social Identification Number (NIS) 4.

It is important to remember that the calendar used in Auxílio Brasil can also be used for the national gas voucher. Altogether, it is estimated that more than 20 million people are being impacted by Federal Government programs this August.

August 9: Users with final NIS 1 (already paid)
August 10: Users with final NIS 2 (already paid)
August 11: Users with final NIS 3 (already paid)
August 12: Users with NIS End 4 (Paid Today)
August 15: Users with final NIS 5
August 16: Users with final NIS 6
August 17: Users with final NIS 7
August 18: Users with final NIS 8
August 19: Users with final NIS 9
August 22: Users with final NIS 0

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