Bolsonaro couple had lunch with Guilherme de Pdua and his wife in BH

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08/12/2022 10:54

Last Sunday (07/08), the president of the Republic Jair Messias Bolsonaro (PL) and the first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, visited the Church of Lagoinha, in Belo Horizonte. The same place that opened its doors to receive Guilherme de Padua, murderer of actress and dancer Daniella Perez (1970-1992), after he left prison in 1999. The former actor was ordained a pastor five years ago and met his current wife, make-up artist Juliana Lacerda during the services.

According to first-hand information from columnist Fbia Oliveira, from the portal Em Off, from Ig, Jair and Michelle not only visited the religious temple where Guilherme is a religious leader, but also attended lunch in the company of the confessed murderer and his companion. .

The church service led by Pastor Márcio Valado, which was attended by the Bolsonaro couple, began at 10:00 am and, after finishing, a meeting and a private lunch began only for select guests. Among these guests were Guilherme and Juliana. The makeup artist even took a selfie with the first lady.

According to the publication, both Pdua and Lacerda have political intentions of receiving public office in the future and, because of this, both have avoided letting the press leak their approach to the president so that their images are not associated with the current re-election candidate. Guilherme has already appeared in some pre-Bolsonaro political movements.

Sentenced to 19 years in prison for the brutal murder of the daughter of novelist Gloria Perez, Guilherme de Pdua remained in jail for only seven before receiving parole.

The visit of the Bolsonaro couple

The Lagoinha Church is led by Pastor Márcio Valado and has several regional offices in Brazil and also in the United States. The visit of the Bolsonaro couple took place in the celebration of the jubilee for the 50 years of the ministry of the religious.

Michelle spoke for five minutes during the service, which was broadcast live. Through the transmission, it is not possible to identify whether Guilherme was present during the celebration. The pastor and gospel singer Andr Valado, son of Márcio Valado, attended the ceremony, who has already publicly commented on Padua’s conversion.

“Guilherme served his time. He is a blessing. None of us are the same, we are constantly transformed by the mercy of Jesus,” he wrote on Instagram in 2019, in response to a question from one of his followers on the platform.

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