Can you face it? See 7 bizarre airports around the world

A video of the landing of a Wizz Air Airbus A321neo plane drew attention last week for being considered “the lowest landing ever”. The scene was filmed at the airport on the island of Skiathos, in Greece, a place famous for having the headwaters very close to the sea, causing planes to pass a few meters from pedestrians.

Despite surprising many people, the Greek airport is not the only one that has an unusual structure. Check out seven other airports that are talked about!

Barra airport

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Sign asks pedestrians to stay away from the beach when the airport is open

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Located in the bay of Traigh Mhòr, on the northern tip of the island of Barra, in the New Hebrides, Scotland, Barra Airport has a structure unlike any other airport in the world. The reason? The landing and take-off runway is on the sand, as the entire structure is located on a beach.

The operation depends on the level of the tide and emergency flights operate occasionally at night — but the site does not operate regularly with night flights.

Antarctic ice rinks

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Icelandair airline plane arriving in Antarctica

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It’s not just on the sand that takeoffs and landings are impressive. The “Troll Airfield” is one of five runways at the South Pole that can accommodate large aircraft. In March 2021, the runway received a flight from Icelandair airline Iceland.

In all, according to the Norwegian Polar Institute, there are five runways on the continent and operations are not very common.

Kansai International Airport

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The airport is considered the world’s first floating

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Located almost 5 km off the coast of Osaka, Kansai International Airport in Japan is considered the first floating airport in the world. Altogether, it has about 10.55 km².

It was opened on September 4, 1994 in order to deal with overcrowding at Osaka International Airport. In 2020, he received the awards for Best Airport Staff in Asia, Best Airport Staff in the World and Best Airport in the World for Baggage Delivery.

Gibraltar airport

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Avenue crosses the airport and has to be closed when there is an operation

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Located in the UK territory of Gibraltar, this airport could be considered the same as any other — if it weren’t for one detail: Winston Churchill Avenue, the city’s main avenue, crosses the airport runway and, consequently, must be closed every time. that there is operation.

Due to this unusual fact, the History Channel’s Most Extreme Airports program has already placed it among the most “extreme” in the world.

altiport in Courchevel

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Courchevel Heightsport has no flat structure

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In the French Alps, the Altiporto de Courchevel attracts attention for two reasons: having a short runway and not flat. The extension of the structure for take-offs and landings is only 537 meters – with descents.

It is located in a ski resort where there are extreme weather conditions. Considered the oldest altiport of the region, there, it is not possible to carry out go-around procedures. Take-off and landing have to be perfect!

Princess Juliana International Airport

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Planes pass very close to bathers on the island of São Martinho

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Considered the second busiest airport in the Caribbean, Princess Juliana International Airport is located on the island of Saint Martin, in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Landings are highlighted because they occur very close to the bathers of Maho Beach. It is estimated that planes pass within 10 meters of the sand.

A tragedy has already been recorded there. In 2017, on July 12, a tourist from New Zealand died at the age of 57 after being hit by a strong gust of wind that was caused by a plane. According to the police, the victim was hanging from a fence that allows the observation of takeoffs and landings when she was knocked down by the wind, caused by the force of the engines.

Lukla airport

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Airport is considered the most dangerous in the world

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Main access for visitors to Mount Everest, Lukla Airport, located in Nepal, gained worldwide fame for being considered the most dangerous in the world for more than 20 years by the History Channel’s “Most Extreme Airports”.

The short runway at the airport is built so that the end of it faces a cliff of almost 600 meters. It is no wonder that the site has already recorded several accidents. Due to landing difficulties, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal sets high standards for pilots who must land or take off on site.

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