Decision to disallow Estudiantes’ goal against Athletico was 100% by the referee, reveals VAR audio | athletico-pr

The move came in the 17th minute of the second half. After a corner kick, Rogel sent the ball to the post, and Lollo kicked the rebound to score. However, the referee signaled the impediment of Morel in the bid, which was close to the ball, and, in the understanding, hinders goalkeeper Bento.

The VAR called the referee Andres Matonte, from Uruguay, to assess the possible legality of the goal, as Morel does not touch the ball until it passes the goal line. After evaluating the play in the video, he kept what was scored on the field.

According to Matonte, the Estudiantes player is close to the goalkeeper Bento and makes a move that hinders the defender at the time of finishing. As the athlete was in an irregular position, he disallowed the goal.

CONMEBOL releases audios of Estudiantes vs Athletico VAR

CONMEBOL releases audios of Estudiantes vs Athletico VAR

VAR also helped in the last play of the game, which defined the classification Rubro-Negra. Striker Vitor Roque, 17, was careful not to be offside and took advantage of Vitinho’s cross and sent it to the nets. After analyzing the video, the move was validated.

Estudiantes 0x1 Athletico: see Vitor Roque's goal in the quarterfinals of Libertadores

Estudiantes 0x1 Athletico: see Vitor Roque’s goal in the quarterfinals of Libertadores

Arbitration generates complaints

O students got into trouble with the marking in his goal. The club’s president, former player Juan Sebastian Verón, did not spare criticism for the entity through his social networks. “Conmebol doing what Conmebol does. It doesn’t matter when you read this,” he blurted out.

On the way out, the complaint came from the Atletico side. Referee Jesús Valenzuela had awarded Athletico a penalty. However, he backtracked after analyzing the bid in VAR.

VAR Libertadores — Photo: Reproduction Conmebol

With the classification, Hurricane faces Palmeiras in the semifinal. The games will be on August 30 (Arena da Baixada) and September 6 (Allianz Parque).

O athletic return to the field against Flamengo on Sunday, at 4 pm, at Maracanã, for the 22nd round of the Brasileirão. Hurricane is fourth in Serie A, with 37 points.

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