Dentist shot dead after threatening to kill wife and stepdaughter in BH

A 54-year-old man was killed after exchanging gunfire with the Military Police on the night of this Thursday (11), in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, in the Northeast region of Belo Horizonte. According to the police, the man would have shot at the garrison, who returned the shots. The conflict took place after the victim put a gun to his wife’s head, threatening to kill her. He was rescued while still alive, but died on the way to the hospital.

According to the military, the man, identified as Fernando Mares and who acted as a dentist, would have shot his wife and stepdaughter. The 54-year-old companion was hit by five shots, four in the chest and one in the face. The 23-year-old stepdaughter was shot in the leg and another in the shoulder. They were rescued and taken to Odilon Behrens Hospital.

Witnesses told the military that those involved lived together in a house in the neighborhood. Last night, neighbors heard screams, gunshots and soon called the police. A neighbor, who asked not to be identified, told the report that Fernando Mares came to invade her house armed looking for his wife and stepdaughter. “I saw him very upset. He even invaded my house, because he thought they had passed from their window to my house. We told them they weren’t and he left back. And then we heard more shots and they kept screaming” , said.

Approached by the man, the neighbor ran to the street to ask for help. That’s when she found two radio patrol motorcycles that were in the region. The military requested reinforcements and, with the arrival of more teams, entered the house.

troubled relationship

The motives for the assault and attempted murder are still unknown. In testimony to the military, Fernando’s stepdaughter said that, before the threats, the couple had a disagreement. In possession of a weapon, he imprisoned his stepdaughter and her companion in a room at the top of the residence.

Another neighbor of the couple told the report that she was scared by Fernando’s threats. “They had a troubled relationship. Sometimes you could hear some fights between the couple,” she said. The Police investigate the origin of the weapon and if the dentist had legal possession and possession of weapons.

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