Jair and Michelle Bolsonaro had lunch with Guilherme de Pádua and his wife in BH | Column Fábia Oliveira

This six-reader column found that President Jair Bolsonaro and First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro, not only visited the church where Guilherme de Pádua is pastor, in Belo Horizonte, last Sunday (7)as well as having a lunch in the company of Daniella Perez’s killer and his wife, Juliana Lacerda.

The service at Lagoinha Baptist Church, which was attended by the Bolsonaro couple, began at 10 am and, after the end, a meeting and a private lunch began only for select guests. Among these guests were Guilherme and Juliana. The makeup artist even took a selfie with the first lady. The column was uniquely assigned the record.

People close to Guilherme and Juliana speculate that they have political intentions of receiving public office in the future and, because of this, both have avoided letting the media leak their approach to the president and the first lady, so that their images are not associated with the current one. candidate for reelection.

Such an association would cause damage to the Bolsonaro family in the electoral raceespecially at this time when the documentary ‘Brutal Pact’, which deals with the murder of Daniella Perez, is having repercussions and generating much public anger against Guilherme de Pádua, who even made one of his few public appearances in a pro-Bolsonaro political movement. .

The visit of the Bolsonaros

The Lagoinha Baptist Church is led by Pastor Márcio Valadão and has regional offices throughout Brazil, including the United States. The visit of the Bolsonaro couple took place in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the ministry of Valadão.

Michelle Bolsonaro spoke for five minutes during the service, which was broadcast live. Also present at the service was André Valadão, son of Márcio Valadão, who has already publicly commented on the reception of Guilherme de Pádua by the Lagoinha Baptist Church.

“Guillerme served his sentence. He is a blessing. None of us are the same, we are constantly transformed by the mercy of Jesus,” he wrote on Instagram in 2019 in response to a question from one of his followers on the platform.

The Lagoinha Church, in Belo Horizonte, opened its doors to welcome Guilherme de Pádua after he left prison in 1999. It was there that the former actor was ordained a pastor five years ago and met his current wife, Juliana Lacerda.

The murder

When he killed Daniella Perez, Guilherme de Pádua was a castmate of the actress in the soap opera ‘De Corpo e Alma’, a plot in which he gave life to the character Bira. Padua ambushed the actress at a gas station and, with the help of Paula Thomaz, killed Yasmin’s interpreter – with whom he was a romantic partner – with several stab wounds to the heart and neck. Afterwards, he abandoned the victim’s body in a deserted bush in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

the documentary

‘Brutal Pact’ revealed details of the investigation that resulted in the conviction of Guilherme de Pádua and Paula Thomaz. The version presented in the documentary series was the same supported by the prosecutor, who managed to sentence Guilherme to 19 years in prison and Paula to 18 years.

The production also features testimony from several famous people who followed the investigations closely and from witnesses in the case.. In the version accepted by the jury, the motivation for the crime, in his case, was revenge by the author of the plot, mother of the victim, because of her character, who was losing space in the serial. And in her case, jealousy of her husband, since Daniella was a romantic partner with Pádua in the soap opera.

The killers

The two got out of jail to fulfill the semi-open regime with less than 7 years in prison. He currently lives in Belo Horizonte with his wife, Juliana Lacerda, where he works and works as a pastor. She, in turn, remarried, graduated in law from the same college as Daniella Perez and had other children, in addition to her firstborn, the result of her marriage to Padua. When she committed the crime, Paula was pregnant with her first child.

Juliana Lacerda, wife of Guilherme de Pádua, posed with Michelle Bolsonaro at lunch at Lagoinha Church, in Belo Horizonte (Reproduction)

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