Man began to be investigated in Santa Luzia after killing and raping Barbara

The Civil Police of Minas Gerais confirmed that Paulo Sérgio de Oliveira, 50, was accused of killing and raping the girl Bárbara Victória, in Ribeirão das Neves, began to be investigated for a similar crime in Santa Luzia, also in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, after the first crime was widely publicized. According to the corporation, a police investigation is underway at the Specialized Homicide Police Station, in Santa Luzia, to investigate the death of a 12-year-old child that occurred in 2012 in that municipality and that after the disclosure of the case of the 10-year-old’s death, there was a hypothesis that the suspect had some kind of involvement in the case investigated in Santa Luzia.

Also according to the PC, the investigations continue under secrecy in order to clarify the facts. The possibility of Paulo Sérgio being investigated in the other municipality was raised at a press conference this Wednesday (10) by delegate Fábio Werneck Neto, responsible for investigating the Bárbara case.

Bianca Santos Faria was 11 years old in May 2012 when she went out to buy bread on a weekend, disappeared and was found with asphyxiation and rape marks. The girl’s body was found by her stepfather with marks of sexual abuse and hanging, in a ditch in the Palmital neighborhood. The place, known as “shadow of the night”, is 1 km from the house where the teenager lived and would be a drug trafficking point.

During a press conference, delegate Fábio Werneck Neto said that Paulo Sérgio was being investigated for the crime in Santa Luzia. “He is being investigated, he is a suspect in this crime. I don’t know if he is the main suspect because I don’t preside over this investigation,” he said. The delegate said that he did not know how the possibility of him being the suspect arose and he does not even know if this possible authorship was ruled out or confirmed, but that the fact that he had already lived in that city was one of the factors that led to the investigation.

Through press release this Thursday (11), the lawyer for Bárbara’s family, Aline Fernandes, claimed to be responsible for making the connection between the crimes. “Through an autonomous investigation, he managed to make a connection with the death of Bianca dos Santos Faria, an 11-year-old child murdered in 2012 with the same modus operandi used in the death of Bárbara. was located. In addition, it found that the suspect in Barbara’s crime lived near Bianca’s house. What is surprising is to realize that when notifying the Civil Police of the information investigated, I knew that this fact was not new to the department”, points out the statement.

Remember the entire chronology of the crime

Bárbara Victória, 10, left home to buy bread on the afternoon of the last Sunday in July (31), in Ribeirão das Neves, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, and disappeared. The girl’s family began posting pictures of the child and asking for help finding her.

The next day (1st), relatives had access to security footage, which showed Barbara walking down the street holding a bag. The images also show the girl with a man. The two come to talk. In another video, taken at night, it reveals the same man pushing a wheelbarrow.

The police then went to the residence of Paulo Sérgio, 50 years old. At first, he denied that he knew the child. However, his son confirmed that it was his father who appeared in the recordings. The man ended up confessing that he knew the girl and her mother, as he had gone to the family’s house to repair the electrical grid. The suspect was heard at the police station and released.

Barbara’s body found on soccer field

The mystery about Barbara’s disappearance continued until the following day (2 August), a Tuesday, when the child’s body was found on a football field, 550 meters from the family’s home, by a neighbor, Kate Alves. , 27 years old. The girl was without the shorts she was wearing on the day of the disappearance. The suspect provided genetic material for DNA testing. A day later, on Wednesday (3), he killed himself at an aunt’s house in Belo Horizonte.

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