Mendonça asks for a view of 20 Moraes resources that target Bolsonaro and supporters

Among the lawsuits are the cases of fake news and the acts of September 7; judgments are paralyzed so that the magistrate can study what will be analyzed by the Court

Carlos Moura/SCO/STFAndré Mendonça
Minister André Mendonça was appointed to the STF by President Jair Bolsonaro

the minister André Mendonça, of the Federal Supreme Court, requested a review of 20 appeals, in four inquiries, by the also minister Alexandre de Moraes who aim at the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and supporters who would be judged this Friday, 12. The processes are paralyzed so that Mendonça can delve deeper into the issues to be analyzed. Among the suspended cases are the fake news survey and two September 7th acts, when Bolsonaro said he would not comply with legal determinations of the Judiciary. The appeals refer to decisions that Moraes took in the investigations, such as blocking the social networks of specific individuals, as in the case of deputy Daniel Silveira. Most of the decisions were confidential and were taken for evaluation by the 11 STF magistrates.

Moraes’ office issued a note this Friday informing the request for an inspection, which cases were paralyzed and explaining what the situation is about. , the office of Minister Alexandre de Moraes makes public the list of the regimental grievances (…) that were the subject of the eminent Minister André Mendonça’s view. The office clarifies that, unlike what was reported by the media, there was no appeal against the decision that determined the analysis and preparation of a report of material obtained from the determination of breach of telematic secrecy “, says the note. The investigations directly cite President Bolsonaro and also businessman Luciano Hang, deputies Otoni de Paula, Bia Kicis and Daniel Silveira, Marcos Dominguez Belliza, Mare Clausum, Mário Sabino Filho, Oscar Fakhoury, Fábio de Oliveira Ribeiro, in addition to the PGR itself. The cases are varied and involve, for example, the blocking of profiles on social networks.

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