Mendonça suspends analysis of appeals from decisions against Bolsonaro

This Friday (12) the trial in the virtual plenary of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) of 21 appeals that question decisions by Minister Alexandre Moraes against President Jair Bolsonaro and supporters was suspended. The suspension occurred because Minister André Mendonça asked for a view. Altogether, 21 appeals were being analyzed referring to four inquiries conducted by Moraes, against individual decisions by the minister himself. Moraes’ votes have already been disclosed in the inquiries that are public and he has denied the appeals.

The virtual trial, when ministers only enter their votes in the STF system and do not debate the matter in person, had started at 0:00 am this Friday and would end next Thursday (18). Mendonça asked to see inquiries 4878, 4888, 4871 and 4879. The analyzes will resume when the minister returns the records and this has no date to occur. He can resume the trial in the virtual plenary or take the discussion to a face-to-face session.

Inquiry 4878 deals with the investigation into the fact that Bolsonaro disclosed, in July last year, an investigation by the Federal Police (PF) into the hacker invasion of the computer systems of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) in 2018. (AGU), which defends Bolsonaro, filed an appeal asking for the investigation to be closed.

Inquiry 4888, on the other hand, concerns the investigation opened against the president for the fact that he said, during a live last year, that people vaccinated against Covid would be developing AIDS faster. The appeal was presented in December by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), which challenged Moraes’ decision to open a new investigation against Bolsonaro at the request of the Covid CPI.

In addition to these, Inquiries 4871 and 4879 were also suspended after Mendonça’s requests for a visa. 4871 is the so-called fake news inquiry and investigates false news, alleged threats and infractions with the configuration of slander, defamation and slander that were related to the ministers of the Court and their families.

4879 is the investigation that investigated alleged plans to invade the Court in the demonstrations of September 7, 2021. The last two are confidential and, until this Friday morning, the content of the appeals was not known.

At around 9:45 am, the minister’s office informed what the resources are about. Ten of them were presented by Twitter, Facebook and Google against blocking accounts on social networks, such as those of deputy Daniel Silveira (PTB-RJ), former PTB president Roberto Jefferson and businessman Luciano Hang. Deputy Otoni de Paula (MDB-RJ) asked for the unlocking of his networks and the restitution of seized goods. There are also several appeals against Moraes’ decisions that denied access to the file, including Hang, by businessmen Marcos Dominguez Bellizia and Otávio Oscar Fakhoury. Deputy Bia Kicis (PL-DF) asked for an end to the secrecy of the fake news inquiry, but was also denied by Moraes.

In his votes, Moraes denies appeals

Alexandre de Moraes’ votes have already been released in the inquiries that are public – 4878 and 4888 – and he denied appeals in both.

With regard to the inquiry into the disclosure of the Federal Police investigation, Moraes stated that the conduct of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) contributed to the spread of false news against the electoral system and defended the maintenance of the decisions that he had previously given. .

“There is no doubt, therefore, that the disclosure of confidential investigation data by the Federal Police by the President of the Republic, through verified profiles on social networks, would have the objective of expanding the fraudulent narrative that is established against the Brazilian electoral process, with objective of disturbing it, making it difficult, frustrating or preventing it, attributing to it, without any evidence or evidence, dubious character about its fairness, it is essential to adopt measures that elucidate the investigated facts, especially with regard to the disclosure of a secret inquiry, which contributes to the dissemination of fraudulent news about the conduct of the Ministers of the FEDERAL SUPREME TRIBUNAL and the SUPERIOR ELECTORAL TRIBUNAL and against the voting system in Brazil, the closing of the investigation, for lack of fair case, proves to be absolutely premature, which is why the appealed decision must be upheld in its entirety”, stated Moraes.

In the case of the inquiry into Bolsonaro’s claims related to the Covid and Aids vaccine, Moraes stated that he verified the existence of just cause for the initiation of an inquiry, under the terms required by the CPI da Pandemic.

“In this context, there is no doubt that the reported conducts of the President of the Republic, in the sense of spreading fraudulent news about vaccination against Covid-19, make use of the modus operandi of mass dissemination schemes on the networks.
social factors, proving to be essential to adopt measures that elucidate the investigated facts, especially in view of the existence of
a criminal organization – identified in Inquiry 4,781/DF (which justified the distribution for prevention of this Pet) and in Inquiry 4,874
/DF”, said the minister.

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