Nanda Costa shows perrengue with her twin babies

Nanda Costa shows her twin daughters and tells the unusual situation she went through with them

The actress Nanda Costa surprised fans by giving a brief rant about the challenges of real motherhood. The celebrity is the mother of two girls. The twins Kim and Tiê have only nine months to live. The small ones are the result of the artist’s relationship with the musician Lan Lan.

The two assumed the relationship in 2018. They always had the desire to form a family together. To make this dream come true, they resorted to the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. After this process, the twins came into the world and are the joys of the house.

Nanda Costa he usually shares moments of his day-to-day with the heiresses with internet users and, of course, the challenges of having twins. She even revealed to fans that she had to make some adaptations in her house, as her babies mess with everything.

Recently, the artist published a record that left the internet enchanted. On the occasion, the actress appeared with his wife and the little ones seated. They enjoyed the family moment and played guitar for the twins.

But, as not everything is flowers… The famous shared on social networks, on the night of this Wednesday (10), a perrengue that she lived with her daughters. Nanda Costa published some clicks in which he showed his daughters keeping company and looking at their mother, while she was in the bathroom! In the caption, the artist described the feeling of being watched by the heiresses.

“Whoever sees a face does not see a run. That post it’s a way of saying that we mothers are very f… really! The other day I saw a post more or less like this on Sofia Maria’s IG, and today I found myself in exactly that situation. I thought about how many times not breastfeeding we went through this. No?” said Mom.

The publication generated a lot of comments from fans and admirers of the family. “That’s the way it is!” wrote one netizen. “Real motherhood,” said another follower. “How cute!” praised another fan.

Nanda Costa appears with her twin daughters and shows unusual situation with them

Instagram reproduction Nanda Costa shares an unusual moment with her twin daughters, Kim and Tiê

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