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The Perseid meteor shower will peak this Friday (12) and next Saturday (13), after 2:30 am until dawn each night. The phenomenon occurs annually when Earth passes through the fragments of comet Swift-Tuttle.

According to the coordinator of the Astronomy Observatory at Unesp (São Paulo State University), Rodolfo Langhi, the phenomenon has this name because meteor showers are related to names or to a specific point in a constellation. In this case, the name “Perseids” was chosen because meteors appear in the constellation of Perseus.

Professor Carlos Fernando Jung, researcher and owner of the Heller & Jung Observatory, explains that, to better observe the meteor shower, it is necessary to look to the north on the horizon line, but shooting stars can be seen all over the sky. “Only the radiant from which meteors enter the planet will be located on the horizon”, says the expert.

Jung also comments that, both on Friday and Saturday, the nights promise not to have many clouds, which makes the sky suitable for observing meteors. In the South, for example, the predicted meteor rate is 40 per hour.

To observe the meteor shower you don’t need any specific equipment, but astronomers recommend lying on the ground, in a place far from city lights.

What is a meteor shower?

According to Langhi, meteors always occur and, every night, it is possible to see them. However, meteor showers happen when you can see several meteors per hour at night.

The astronomer says that this is because the Earth, as it revolves around the Sun, passes through tracks left by asteroids or comets in space. “They are tiny particles, the size of a grain of rice. When they reach Earth’s atmosphere, they burn up completely. That’s the rains”, he concludes.

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