Plane makes low landing in Greece and tourists have to duck to avoid being hit; watch video

Airport on the island of Skiathaos has become a tourist spot and attracts hundreds of visitors who want to closely monitor an aircraft landing.

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The island’s geography means that pilots need to approach for landing at a lower height than normal

Tourists visiting the island of Skiathaos in Greece, went through a scary time. A plane, belonging to the Hungarian airline Wizz Air, made a low landing on Monday morning, 8, and people had to duck to avoid being hit. In a video shared on social media, it is possible to see that several tourists are waiting to see the plane land, as the beach road is right in front of the island’s airport, which is known for being one of the most western in Greece and for being very close to the mainland part of the country. This makes the place a tourist spot on the island that is also known as St. Maarten of the Europeans. Due to the island’s geography, the airstrip is short, and for that reason pilots need to approach for landing at a lower height than normal.

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