Rafinha and Paulinho in the Atltico? Rodrigo Caetano comments on queries

Rafinha Alcantara, from PSG, and Paulinho, from Bayer Leverkusen, are
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PSG’s Rafinha Alcantara and Bayer Leverkusen’s Paulinho are on Atltico’s radar

In recent weeks, midfielder Rafinha Alcantara, from PSG (France), and striker Paulinho, from Bayer Leverkusen (Germany), have been on the radar of Atltico’s signings. In an interview granted this Friday (12/8), football director Rodrigo Caetano commented on the consultations.

in response to supersports, Caetano categorized Rafinha and Paulinho as “big names”. Despite this, he pointed out difficulties in carrying out the negotiations: “It is unlikely that this will occur in this window”.

“They are two big names. Both have ties with their clubs and, for a name like that to have a chance, only if he had an agreement, he was free or the end of his contract – it’s neither one case nor the other”, he revealed.

“Just as we have our difficulties, we have the obligation to always be scouring the market. Possibilities, attempts here and there. Often this leaks. I can’t deny that there was a query in both names, but very little This is likely to happen in this window,” he added.

Caetano emphasizes financial difficulties

Once again, Atlético’s football director endorsed the financial difficulties faced by the Minas Gerais club, which has the biggest debt in national football. The director argues that Galo is not in a position to make large investments, but is able to compete with other powers in the country when it comes to remuneration for athletes.

“All great players are always well evaluated here at Galo. As I said: sometimes, when we talk about investment… Galo cannot afford to invest. We have to be careful not to confuse fans. You all know how difficult it is. financial situation we live in. It’s always me who talks about it and there’s no problem. Many times I’ll come here and I won’t say what the fans would like to hear, but I’ll tell the truth”, he said.

“Our financial situation has always been very delicate, and our business – at least carried out since I’ve been here – is much more with athletes at the end of their contract, low-cost athletes. What we often manage to compete with others clubs in terms of remuneration. That’s a fact. But this has to be very clear, because otherwise it generates an expectation that we won’t be able to achieve”, he concluded.

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