Traffickers maintained a luxurious life and pretended to be entrepreneurs in the electricity sector

Cars, luxury condominium homes, expensive watches and even gold silverware. Targets of the second phase of the Espelho Branco operation, launched by the Federal Police (PF) this Friday, 12, boasted wealth from drug trafficking while identifying themselves as entrepreneurs in the electricity sector. The PF is investigating the money laundering scheme that made it possible to cover up the suspects’ illicit resources.

Of the six people with an open temporary arrest warrant, four were arrested. One of the wanted is on the run in Portugal, according to information from the delegate responsible for the operation, Alan Robson Alexandrino. In addition, nine search and seizure warrants are also served on Friday.

According to the PF, the court ordered the blocking of values ​​in the suspects’ accounts, the kidnapping of luxury properties in values ​​above R$ 5 million and vehicles in values ​​​​greater than R$ 2 million.

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To be able to launder illicit money, the suspects relied on a range of contacts, businesses and people who acted as oranges. In the purchase of one of the luxury properties, located in the Sabiaguaba neighborhood, in Fortaleza, checks were used with the name of the driver of one of the main parties involved, according to the delegate.

“The important thing now is to analyze the financial flows, where that money circulated, who actually participated, who had the intention of committing the illicit practices, and also to individualize who was just being used, an orange who had no mastery of the practice there. . We need to detail the participation of each one with the analysis of the financial flow, bank data, data from the material seized today”, said the delegate in an interview with Rádio THE PEOPLE/CBN.

Ostentation on social networks

The Federal Police must also investigate the suspects’ media and electronic material. According to the Alexandrino delegate, the investigated “made a point” to flaunt the luxurious lifestyle on social media. “There was this ostentation for girlfriends, for close people. There was a show of appearance. But behind the ostentation, there is the crime,” he explains. In the kidnapped homes, false identity documents were also found.

Investigation started in luxury hotel

A meeting in a luxury hotel in Beira Mar between two wanted people marked the beginning of the Espelho Branco operation. One of the men is the leader of the criminal faction targeted in this Friday’s operation. He was already responsible for a crime in Porto Alegre, committed in 2006, when he dug a tunnel in an attempt to rob banks, for the possession of nine rifles and for trafficking 882 kg of cocaine.

The second man involved in the meeting was Davi Salviano da Silva, known as ‘Véi Davi’. He was arrested in October 2021 for extortion, criminal association and kidnapping of a manager and employee of Caixa Econômica Federal de Minas Gerais in March 2003. Davi had also previously been sentenced to 47 years in prison for participating in the robbery of the Central Bank of Fortaleza, in 2005.

“The police certainly suspected that this meeting was not for lawful purposes. And the PF started to investigate the group that is now the target of the White Mirror operation”, explains the delegate.

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