Willian admits passage below Corinthians, understands Fiel’s frustration and comments on relationship with VP

Willian’s second spell at Corinthians lasted 347 days. The player terminated his contract with the Parque São Jorge club this week, after being eliminated from the team in Libertadores. In an exclusive interview with my wheelthe midfielder made an analysis of his performance in the last year.

The numbers could undoubtedly be better, for my quality, for my potential. I’ve never been a player to score 20 or 30 goals a season, but the numbers could certainly be better. The issue of performance, I believe that performance, productivity by the team, has always been there. One or another game we didn’t do well technically, but when I say performance and produce with the team, there are several situations”, admitted Willian.

“My style of play is always to start, break lines, start plays, leave the teammate in front of the goal, finish too. I believe that my time here I finished many times, but not as much as I could, but they are game circumstances, you end up not finding space to finish, sometimes the marking doubles, anyway. I think the numbers weren’t what I really think not only me, but every fan, expected. But performance I always tried to play my best football, I think the performance has always been there. One or another bad game, but for the most part I believe I played good games”, added the player.

Willian arrived at Corinthians without a worrying history of injuries. However, the player became a frequent casualty of the alvinegra team due to different injuries. The athlete had thigh, hip, ankle and shoulder problems, for example.

It gets in the way (injuries) a lot. When I arrived I already had that injury in the back of the thigh. This year I had blow injuries, one in the hip, which I had never had an injury like this. Then I had one in the ankle, after an entry, I sprained my ankle and this one in my shoulder as well. So then, without a doubt, it ended up getting in the way a little, because the injury was right there. She came back, grew up again, was out again. So that got in the way a bit too. Anyway, neither Corinthians is to blame, nor am I to blame. I can’t control it, I’ve always taken care of myself, I continue to take care of myself, but these are things that happen in football”, said the player.

William, in the same interview with my wheel, explained his reasons for leaving the Parque São Jorge club. The athlete revealed the backstage of the farewell and left a message for Fiel. In addition, the former number 10 shirt also spoke about his relationship with Vítor Pereira.

I never had any problems with him (Vítor Pereira). I’ve never had a problem with anyone at the club. Really the fact of my departure has nothing to do with the club, it has nothing to do with people, with the coach, with the coaching staff, with the players. I didn’t have any problems with him”, emphasized Willian, who also said he didn’t have his future defined.

Not yet (has a new club). Now that I’m going to start having meetings with my manager, I’ll think together with my family what the destination will be. The preference is for Europe. Of course, England is a place where the family was happy, it feels good, we like it there a lot. But the preference is for Europe”, pointed out the player, who received polls from Fullham, from England.

Raised at the base of Corinthians and with his entire family as fans of the club, Willian explained how his family members, especially his father, reacted to the decision to leave.

“I think everyone knows, the day I arrive at Corinthians, there at Parque São Jorge, he welcomes me, he is even touched, but he also understood the situation, he also supported me in my decision. I think that, at that time, the family, the father, wants the best for the child, so he completely understood. Of course, we were all sad to leave the club like that, I am from Corinthians, my father, the whole family is from Corinthians, but it was the only solution to be able to protect my family, my wife, my daughters, but also my father, my sister. It’s a way to protect them too,” he said.

Willian, it is worth remembering, arrived at Corinthians for the second spell on August 30, 2021. The player was presented as a reinforcement for the club at Neo Química Arena, Timão stadium. Always well received in Itaquera, the former number 10 shirt revealed how he imagines being received at the place after his early departure from the club.

I think that, suddenly, with a little frustration on the part of the fans, because I was leaving the club. But I believe that many are also understanding my side, my situation as well. Of course, many fans will say I’m a coward, they’ll beat me, say I’m a popcorn seller, say I’m making an excuse to leave the club, say I’m mimimi, anyway, they have every right to criticize, but it really isn’t. The facts are there, everyone knows, but I believe that a good part may be saddened by my departure., but I want to say that it has nothing to do with these fans who have always supported me, applauded me. I am very grateful to them”, concluded Willian.

Willian leaves Corinthians 86 games and three goals if added to the two passages. In the last year, the player played 45 matches and scored one goal. Before the contractual termination, the athlete’s bond with the club was valid until the end of 2023. The club is already looking for a replacement for the player.

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