4 unbelievable side effects of eating white rice

Rice is one of the most consumed foods by Brazilians, but it is also present worldwide. One of the reasons for this to happen is the great versatility that this grain offers within cooking. From sushi, to rice and beans and rice pudding, it all takes this amazing ingredient.

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However, there is an impressive array of different types of rice to choose from. It all depends on your taste and the purpose of the dish. It has red, black, white, arboreal, brown rice and many others. Precisely, there are 120,000 different types worldwide.

Benefits of eating traditional white rice

Undoubtedly, the most common of all types is white rice, also known as enriched or refined. These terms only refer to an industrial treatment used to remove the husks that the grain has on its external part.

Although it is common to treat white rice as an enemy of health and to understand it only as a bad carb, the truth is that it produces health benefits.

Expert on the subject, Lauren Manaker spoke about white rice to the food website Eat This.

“White rice is a source of carbohydrates, which is the main source of fuel for your body,” says Manaker. “Additionally, many varieties of white rice, at least in the US, are fortified with B vitamins that can also help maintain energy levels.”

Brown rice is rich in arsenic

According to Manaker, arsenic is a trace element that, when consumed frequently and in large amounts, can lead to some unpleasant health results.

Although white rice has less arsenic than brown rice, it’s still important to avoid consuming too much and vary your grains. Some less arsenic options worth trying are amaranth, quinoa, bulgur and farro.

Some benefits of eating white rice in moderation include: more energy for the body and strengthening of bones.

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