Aid Brasil: Deputy says benefit will end and reveals date

The PEC das Bondades, recently approved by the Federal Government, made possible some changes in the Brazil aidsuch as its value raised to R$600 and the increase in the number of beneficiaries.

Previously, the benefit amount was R$ 400. However, after the changes, the amount became BRL 600. According to the PEC, this amount will only be paid until December.

Recently, President Jair Bolsonaro said that, if re-elected this year, he will extend the payment of the Auxílio Brasil of R$600 for longer, that is, in 2023. However, according to deputy André Janones (Avante – MG), the plans of the government are contrary.

“I have secure information from inside the Planalto Palace that Bolsonaro ends aid for all Brazilians from January 1st,” the deputy said in a video posted on his social media this week.

On the other hand, Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ), together with the Minister of Citizenship, stated that the Brazil aid will not be terminated.

The Federal Government will spend R$ 41.25 billion with the changes in Auxílio Brasil, in addition to the creation and alteration of other benefits this year. However, for 2023, the forecast is that the government will suffer the impact of R$ 140 billion in the budget with the changes in Auxílio Brasil.

Payments of the Aid Brazil of R$ 600

The payment of the August installments of the Brazil aid continues to be held this Friday (12). According to the official benefit calendar, the second payment of the program occurs for beneficiaries who have a Social Identification Number (NIS) ending in 4.

The other benefit groups will receive payments until August 22nd (see calendar below). According to information from the Government, the dates of the Auxílio Brasil installments for the coming months of the year (September, October, November and December) remain the same and have not been affected.

In addition to Brazil aidthe Federal Government also released the payment of the gas voucher of R$110 for a total of 5.6 million families and the truck driver assistance with two installments for the months of July and August.

Currently, a total of 20.2 million vulnerable Brazilians will receive the minimum amount of R$600 from Aid Brazil. The additional R$200 for the program, which raises the minimum benefit amount from R$400 to R$600, will be valid between August and December of this year.

The increase in the amount of the Auxílio Brasil payment is part of what is foreseen in the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) and provides for expenditures of R$ 41.2 billion in measures to help the poor population and some professional categories.

Brazil Aid in AUGUST

O Brazil aid August is fixed in minimum installments in the amount of R$600. This is because the PEC of the increase in Brazil Aid 600 provides for payment with an increase only from this month of August.

As informed, the Aid Brazil for August is fixed in minimum installments of 600 reais. See all payment dates below (for this month):

Calendar August Aid Brazil:

  • NIS ending in 1 – Received on August 9th;
  • NIS ending in 2 – Receives August 10th;
  • NIS ending in 3 – Receives August 11;
  • NIS ending on 4 – Received on August 12; – TODAY
  • NIS ending on 5 – Received on August 15;
  • NIS ending on 6 – Receives on August 16;
  • NIS ending on 7 – Receives on August 17;
  • NIS ending on 8 – Receives on August 18;
  • NIS ended on 9 – Receives on August 19;
  • NIS ending in 0 – Received on August 22

As of August, the values ​​are as follows:

  • 1st installment of Brazil Aid of R$600: August
  • 2nd installment of Brazil Aid of R$600: September
  • 3rd installment of Brazil Aid of R$600: October
  • 4th installment of Brazil Aid of R$600: November
  • 5th installment of Brazil Aid of R$600: December

Who gets?

There are three possibilities for receiving Aid Brazil:

  • If you already had Bolsa Família: Auxílio Brasil will be paid automatically;
  • If you are on CadÚnico, but did not receive Bolsa Família: go to the reserve list;
  • If you are not on CadÚnico: you must seek a CRAS for registration, without guarantee of receiving.

The benefit is intended for families in extreme poverty. Families in poverty can also receive, as long as they have, among their members, pregnant women or people under the age of 21.

Families in extreme poverty are those with a monthly per capita family income of up to R$105. Those in poverty have a monthly per capita family income of between R$105.01 and R$210.

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