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Barbara tells the case and narrates the symptoms she felt (photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Brbara Coelho, presenter of Esporte Espetacular on TV Globo, revealed, during her participation in the program Encontro this Friday (12/8), that she was the victim of an attempt to doping in an app car, known as ‘Coup do cheiro’.

Journalist Brbara Coelho said that the case occurred on Wednesday (10/8), when she asked for a car to go to the doctor, a short trip of about 10 minutes.

“When I got in the car I didn’t feel anything, I realized that the car was looking very bad, dirty, but I got in already distracted. People are on the phone a lot these days”, she began.

However, she soon began to notice something different. “In less than 2 minutes I smelled a strong smell,” she said.

Upon feeling the strange odor, Barbara sent the real-time location of the vehicle to a friend, warning that something strange was happening.

“A little while later I started to feel sick. During this period, the driver sent a strange audio to someone asking for a basic food basket. It seemed to me a need to show that it was good, that everything was ok. during the race, first you don’t even use the phone, or you shouldn’t,” he said.

The journalist then narrated the symptoms she felt after inhaling the strange odor.

“I started to feel very bad, I started to lose consciousness, shortness of breath and difficulty even speaking. Then I sent an audio to my husband and said ‘wait for me at the door because I’m coming’. [motorista] looked at me very badly in the rearview mirror, very scared, staring at me”, he reported.

After that, she asked the driver to stop the vehicle. He questioned the order but parked the car. Barbara asked for help at a stall and began to cry.

According to the toxicologist interviewed by the program, according to the victim’s report, the driver may have used an organic solvent, which quickly disperses in the environment.

“The solvent quickly enters the body through breathing, quickly reaches the brain and generates these symptoms: drowsiness, fainting sensation, nausea and mental confusion”, said the specialist.

The professional also explained that he may not have suffered the effects of the solvent because of the open glass. Another possibility is that the liquid may have been sprayed directly onto the passenger side.

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