Banestes launches Visa Infinite credit card with 2.7 points per dollar and free first annual fee

O banestesBanco do Estado do Espírito Santo, announced the launch of the new Banescard Visa Infinite, aimed at high-income customers. With the accumulation of 2.7 points for every dollar spent, the card offers the first free annual fee and is now available to the bank’s account holders.

banestes visa infinite

Banescard Visa Infinite

Banestes recently announced its new family of Banescard Visa cards, which began to circulate in April this year. High-income customers now rely on the new Banescard Visa Infinite, offering one of the highest scores on the market.

The card requires a monthly income of R$10,000 to apply and is only available to Banestes account holders. The annual fee is R$900, divided into 12 installments of R$75, but the first year will be free. After this period, customers with expenses starting at R$12 thousand per month or with an investment of more than R$150 thousand in the bank will be exempt. Check out all the details below:

Banescard Visa Infinite

banestes visa infinite

  • Requirements: income above R$10 thousand and be a bank account holder;
  • Annuity: first annuity exempt; the others, 12 installments of R$75 with the possibility of exemption;
  • Additional card: yes, no annual fee;
  • Punctuation: 2.7 points per dollar spent on the Banestes loyalty program;
  • Points validity: 24 months;
  • Access to VIP lounges: 2 free accesses via LoungeKey.

Visa flag benefits

With the Banescard Visa Infinite, the customer automatically has access to the benefits offered by Visa to holders of Infinite cards. Check out some of them below:

  • Travel: international emergency medical insurance, car rental insurance, free airport parking and much more;
  • day by day: purchase and price protection, extended product warranty and more;
  • Concierge: your personal assistant via chat or phone for tips on gifts, restaurants, travel itineraries, whatever else you need;
  • Hotels: Visa Luxury Hotel Collection program, which brings together hotels and resorts worldwide.


As a capixaba, I particularly looked forward to seeing the change in Banescard. Now incorporated into the Visa brand, the card will be accepted in over 200 countries, in millions of physical and digital establishments.

The launch of the bank’s Visa Infinite is undoubtedly excellent news for account holders. The differential is the turbocharged accumulation, which is considered the largest in the category when compared to cards in the same income bracket. Another highlight is the annual fee exemption policy, which, in addition to being clear and objective, also offers the first year free of charge.

Banescard points can also be transferred to airline partners, eventually with bonuses, such as the last promotion that offered up to 95% bonus on transfers to the LATAM Pass.

What did you think of the news? Are you a bank account holder? Tell us in the comments!

For more information, visit the Banescard website.

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