Colombia and Canada are interested in Pix, says Campos Neto

The president of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto, said that other countries are interested in replicating the Brazilian experience of instant payments on Pix.

“We are doing a part of Pix International. I have talked a lot about the central banker of Colombia (Leonardo Villar). He tells me they want to do the same. I think we can expand Pix at least in Latin America at first. Canada is also interested, because Pix is ​​very cheap, it cost BRL 5 million for the BC”, he said, in a lecture on “The regulation of cryptocurrencies in Brazil and in the world”, promoted by Figueiredo & Velloso Advogados Associados.

Campos Neto also mentioned the instrument’s evolutionary agenda, with Pix Cobrança, automatic debit and non-priority settlement. The BC president also said that Open Finance reached more than 7.5 million shares and 4 billion API calls on the platform.

Pix does not encumber banks

Roberto Campos Neto also said this week that banks do not lose money with Pix, and said that the system also has advantages for them.

“It is not true that banks lose money with Pix, we should at some point launch a study on this”, he said, on a panel at Febraban Tech, an event promoted by the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) in São Paulo. According to Campos Neto, the advantages lie in opening new accounts, and in the increase in electronic transactions.

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