Deficit of Hospital São José should exceed R$ 40 million at the end of the year

Institution does not receive enough from the government to maintain care via SUS

Hospital São José (HSJ) ended 2021 with a rate of 96% of attendances via the Unified Health System (SUS). But the funding of the institution is precarious due to the lack of revenue that will cause a deficit of R$ 40 million at the end of 2022. The number was presented by the HSJ board during accountability on the morning of this Friday, the 12th.

In practice, the institution claims to receive around R$ 8.9 million/month in the contract with the SUS, and this includes a contribution of up to R$ 2 million from the State Government. It also receives R$ 50,000/month as an incentive from the city of Criciúma. The income result does not close the account and the estimate is a monthly loss of R$ 3 million/month.

“The hospital has been working with difficulty over the last few years, we have always had a deficit in the Unified Health System in terms of revenues and expenses, but this has intensified in the post-pandemic period where we have restricted resources from the SUS, costs have increased a lot in all senses. This account is worrying us, it is an account that has not been closed lately and this monthly deficit can reach very high values ​​​​and make the service unfeasible”, ponders the doctor and technical director of Hospital São José (HSJ), Raphael Elias Farias.

The institution guarantees that it has done its homework with cost-cutting, which still happens. It has also managed to keep salaries up to date and services in full operation. However, with the short blanket, the bill bursts in the payment of suppliers. “We have a crisis committee, an emergency Strategic Planning call system and with all this restructuring we are trying to make new services and revenues viable. We are still trying to reduce costs, but we are striving to increase revenue”, argues Farias.

Check out the video with the general director of the hospital, Sister Isolene Lofi:

San Jose in numbers

São José is the 4th hospital in Santa Catarina in terms of volume of hospitalizations and productivity by the SUS and the second in outpatient production. A reference in highly complex procedures, the institution has 1,580 employees, 375 of whom are doctors. In 2021, there were more than 10 thousand surgeries, 185 thousand visits and almost 20 thousand hospitalizations. There, more than 800,000 laboratory tests and almost 60,000 urgent/emergency consultations were performed.

The institution has also sought, through funding projects, to renew its technological apparatus. With the new linear accelerator for radiotherapy, the prospect of reducing treatment time can go from 21 days to just three in some cases, that is, fewer sessions and more quality in treatment. Among the new equipment is also a neuronavigator, tomography equipment and 4D ultrasound. “We are seeking to expand services to create sustainability and maintain adequate services”, explains Farias.

new structure

Hospital São José is still working with the prospect of receiving, in the middle of next year, the new building with nine floors, with 17,238m²; where an emergency care unit will be installed, 120 inpatient beds, 20 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds for health plans and individuals, as well as a new imaging diagnostic center, two floors dedicated to chemotherapy services, a compounding pharmacy ;ã, chapel, among other services.

Block A is being built where the chapel of Hospital São José was and will have an interconnection, through a walkway, with the Santa Vita Saúde Center. The estimate is that with the new venture, the HSJ will have a financial increase in private agreements, providing sustainability for services provided by the Unified Health System (SUS). The initial forecast is that Block A will add a result of R$ 1 million/month. The work is funded through financing, which will be paid after the completion and delivery of the project.

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