Family follows Google Maps, misses the path and stays in the field for 2 days

Excessive reliance on GPS by an Australian family turned into a very risky moment. According to New South Wales State Police, the family – reported missing on 8 August – was being sought by authorities after failing to complete a trip between the state of Queensland and the town of Packsaddle.

The search even had a helicopter, in addition to several people on the ground. In the end, the family’s Hyundai Tucson was spotted about 50 km southeast of Tibooburra on August 9. People were there and were rescued.

According to police, the incident took place after “Google Maps pulled them off the track onto a dirt road away from a closed road where they got bogged down in a remote area.”

The family had no cell signal, so they couldn’t ask for help. The occupants of the car even tried to walk after help, but without success.

“I honestly thought we were going to die,” Darian Aspinall, one of the car’s occupants, told 7News. The family also revealed that they only had one liter of water to share, and that they were also drinking water from a puddle found at the site.

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