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Rafael Vitti is the protagonist of ‘Beyond Illusion’

Rafael Vitti declared that he was almost not in the six o'clock soap opera
© Reproduction/Instagram/@rafavittiRafael Vitti declared that he was almost not in the six o’clock soap opera

Rafael Vitti is a great acquaintance of Brazilian viewers and besides touching how Pedro in “Workout Dreams”, the young man brings emotions and romance to the homes of Brazilians like the magician Davi, from the current six o’clock soap opera, “Beyond the Illusion”. This Friday (12), the actor was invited to the podcast “soap opera” and talked about the insecurity of thinking he wouldn’t get the lead role.

“I’ll be honest: the Luiz Henrique Rios he was my first director – he taught me how to be professional, I owe him a lot – but I always had the impression that he didn’t like my work very much. And the novel was Pedro Vasconcelloshe had invited me to play the character, but for some reasons he ended up leaving.”, revealed.

“And when the Luiz took over I thought: ‘Oh my God, he’s going to take me out of the soap opera!’ (laughs). But not. Today I tell him this and we laugh together. We created a mega affinity. It’s really beautiful our meeting, on set and off. He is a big daddy for me”, said Rafa.

In the conversation, he talks about how happy he is to be able to give life to a more mature and different character than what he has been doing in TV. “I can only thank you for having had enough opportunity to be able to develop myself as an actor, and I want to make more and more characters that challenge me, that people say, ‘Wow, but the Rafa will you play this role?’. So I feel, yes, a more mature actor than I was. The pandemic process and fatherhood also matured me, brought another weight to my experience.”, he said.

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