“Life is a gift…”


One of the great Brazilian actresses has recovered after having lived through difficult moments in her personal life. Plus, she’s back to doing what she loves.

Reproduction / Instagram Gloria Menezes
Reproduction / Instagram Gloria Menezes

The death of her husband Tarcísio Meira completes one year this Friday (12), Glória and Tarcísio spent a long time hospitalized in August last year after being infected by the Covid-19 virus. Not one was a happy year for those who accompanied the couple on screens, and outside of them.

In the year 2021, Glória, still hospitalized, received the sad news that her love had died. With the pandemic on the rise in Brazil, Tarcísio’s wake and burial took place the day after his death, restricted to family members, but without the presence of his wife, who was still hospitalized.

Glória won the covid-19, returned home, but very sad about the loss of her husband. After a few days, she used social media and spoke out by posting a photo where she is next to her eternal husband. She writes on her profile: “The longing“.

Back to the recordings, he carried out a campaign for the end of the year for RBS TV, an affiliate of TV Globo in Rio Grande Do Sul. The actress sends a message: “Life is a gift and must be lived intensely. Want some advice? Live now, hold tight who you love today. Leave nothing behind”said.

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