MINIMUM WAGE for Brazilians should be more than R$6,000, says Dieese

The National Survey of the Basic Food Basket, carried out by the Inter-union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese) points out that the Brazilian minimum wage should have been R$ 6,388.55 in July. The value is considered ideal to meet the needs of a family of four.

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This amount estimated by the department is equivalent to 5.27 times the floor currently paid, of R$ 1,212. The calculation is carried out every month with the aim of showing the minimum income necessary for a worker and his family to live for a month.

The projection includes expenditure on health, housing, food, clothing, hygiene, leisure, social security, transport and education. In addition, the estimate of the ideal value for the month of July was based on the price of the basic food basket in São Paulo, with a value of R$ 760.45, considered the most expensive among all the 17 capitals included in the survey.

In this sense, analyzing the average price compared to the earnings of a worker, the one who receives a salary needs to commit 59.27% ​​of net income to buy basic food products.

Fluctuation in basic food basket prices

Despite consuming a good part of the remuneration of those who earn the national floor, the Dieese survey also shows that the value of the basic food basket dropped in July in 10 of the 17 capitals included in the survey.

Check below the fluctuations for more and less of the price of the basic basket:

  • Belo Horizonte: +0.51%;
  • Belém: + 0.14%;
  • Christmas: – 3.96%;
  • João Pessoa: – 2.40%;
  • Fortaleza: – 2.37%;
  • São Paulo: – 2.13%;
  • Victory: + 1.14%;
  • Salvador: + 0.98%;
  • Brasilia: + 0.80%;
  • Recife: + 0.70%;
  • Campo Grande: +0.62%.

The place with the highest basic food basket, as mentioned above, was São Paulo, with an average value of R$ 760.45, followed by Florianópolis, with a value of R$ 753.73, then Porto Alegre, with a value of R$ 752.84, and Rio de Janeiro, in the range of R$ 723.75.

Food groups that continue to rise in supermarkets

Regarding products, even with deflation (falling prices and decelerating inflation) there are still food items registering high prices. Of the 13 items that make up the basic basket, 12 have increased over the last 12 months.


  • Sugar: + 21.9%;
  • Flour: + 19.94%;
  • Butter: + 19.74%;
  • Bread: + 16.95%;
  • Tomato: +7.45%;
  • Meat: +2.91%;
  • Potato: + 66.82%;
  • Milk: + 66.46%;
  • Coffee: +58.12%;
  • Banana: +35.71%;
  • Beans: + 28.57%;
  • Oil: + 26.23%.

There was a price reduction only in the rice, with a decrease of R$ 7.93%. The rise in values ​​negatively affects millions of people, especially those in the low-income group.

Published by the IBGE, the latest Family Budget Survey showed that families earning up to R$1,900 per month spent up to 22% of their earnings on food products.

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