Monkeypox: PI draws up plan after 23 reported cases

08/12/2022 10:58


08/12/2022 16:19

THE Secretary of State for Health (Sesapi), Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance (CIEVS), during the 10th and 11th of August, health surveillance professionals from the 224 municipalities of Piauí were trained on the work of Monkeypox diagnostics.

With 23 reported cases of Smallpox, Sesapi prepares a contingency plan With 23 reported cases of Smallpox, Sesapi prepares a contingency plan

After this training, a contingency plan is being developed for the management of the disease. in the state 23 suspected cases of the disease have already been reported, with a person positive for the virus.

The document with the contingency plan will be made available to health units in the state next week, and will contain all stages of clinical management, surveillance, material collection, epidemiological registration, diagnosis and ways of passing on information to the community.

“This instrument will contain all the steps of the process, which will help health professionals, who will deal directly with these patients. And the Sesapi, with this training, was concerned with preparing them to understand the flow of this disease. In addition to complying with the steps required by the national CIEVS of the municipalities, which is the standardization of information. However, before this training, the secretariat had already prepared technical reports and made them available to municipal managers”, said the coordinator of CIEVS, Amélia Costa.

Of the 23 reported cases, 17 are still under investigation, 05 were discarded and one case confirmed. Among the suspected cases registered by the CIEVS, the most predominant age group is in the population between 25 and 39 years old, but there are cases in people aged 04 to 60 years old. “We need to know this profile and know how to notify these cases, so we did this training to clarify all the ways to provide information on the epidemiological picture of suspected individuals”, reinforces the coordinator.

Cities with case reports are: Barras, Batalha, Cocal, Curralinhos, Esperantina, Hugo Napoleão, Itaueira, Parnaíba, Pedro II, Teresina and União. For those who show symptoms of the disease, Sesapi has surveillance centers in hospitals, which help in collecting material for laboratory analysis and also in providing information on the isolation of infected patients who must be protected for 21 days.

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