Pocah counters Karina Bacchi after criticism of Gio Ewbank: ‘You will never need to defend son from racism’

The singer Pocah countered Karina Bacchi’s criticism of the attitude of Giovanna Ewbank, who cursed and beat the racist woman who cursed her children in Portugal.

It all started after Bacchi said he doesn’t agree with the reaction taken by Bruno Gagliasso’s wife.

“There was a case that appeared in the media of a mother who seems that her children were prejudiced. She, to defend her children, cursed that person a lot, spat, hit… and everyone was in favor of that person saying ‘wow, what maximum’. I agree that we have to defend our children, but I don’t believe that the defense is in spitting, cursing, hitting and assaulting and the people still thinking that the person did little”, she began.

Then the actress said that the role of parents is to set an example for children. “What example are we setting in our reactions? The world is applauding this kind of thing and it shocks me too (…) In a little while, we look sideways and get spit on because they thought I looked with the eyes kind of crooked, because everyone is thinking that spitting in the other’s face is normal, cool”, he continued.

Pocah, who is also the mother of a black child, then countered the statement: “She’s saying that because she’ll never need to defend her son from racism,” she said.

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