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The federal government published this Friday (12) a provisional measure that allows the establishment of a partnership between the public and private sectors for the exploration of nuclear deposits – such as uranium, for example.

Research and trade in nuclear ores are the responsibility of the state-owned Industrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB). The MP authorizes INB to sign contracts with private companies to explore the deposits.

As it is a provisional measure, the text has been in force since the date of its publication. However, it needs to be approved by Congress to become law.

According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the objective of the regulation is to increase national production and encourage investment in research.

The future of nuclear energy

The future of nuclear energy

“Despite being rich in nuclear ores, Brazil currently imports most of the inputs needed to manufacture nuclear fuel to supply the Angra I and II plants. This results in higher costs for producing the fuel and the loss of business opportunities , both in Brazil and abroad”, says the folder.

According to the MP, private agents will be remunerated by the partnership, through part of the amount collected from the sale of the ore; for the right to market the product; or other forms established in the contract.

The text also authorizes that the Empresa Brasileira de Participações em Energia Nuclear e Binacional SA (ENBpar) – created after the privatization of Eletrobras – can control INB.

The export of nuclear ores, according to the rule, must be authorized by the Minister of Mines and Energy.

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